The Shoes you must have right now!

Yes,it is that time again.Time to find out what you are going to be obsessed with this Fall and Holiday season.After spending a whole day at Saks,Bloomingdales,Bergdorfs and about 17 other shoe stores here is what I think are the must haves for the season.

If you can only afford to add one shoe to your collection this season make sure it is a red one.The red boot was a stand out during fashion week and delightful variations of it are in the stores at every price point.The good news is that they are available in many heel heights and so many styles.Why red shoes you may ask?Well I will let David Bowie answer that one.”Put on you Red Shoes and dance the Blues“.So many of us have been having the blues lately so it is time to put on our red shoes and just dance.

This fabric that dominates holiday is now designers choice for the must have shoes.Never have I seen such a variety of velvet dazzlers.Do stay away from black and opt for one of the fabulous jewel tones that are dominating this trend.Sneaker lovers rejoice there are a slew of stunning comy,cozy versions for you this season.

This 80’s shoe trend is back full force force again but before you run to your attic and start rummaging for your vintage Dr Martens this season’s versions have a cool edge to them.The key to pulling them off is to pair them with very feminine pieces to create a cool girl vibe.

Boot lovers “Rejoice” this Fall is all about boots and another key trend is the urban take on traditional cowboy boots.The cowgirl boots have a fresh urban take that is cleaner and sexier.Go for edgier details like studs and embroidery.

The slouch boot is a fresh take on all the tall boots we have been seeing.They have a great casual vibe to them and if the knee high version is not your thing do get the cute bootie version.

Shine made a big splash on the runway and now makes a bigger splash on the real way.This trend was a major deal at Channel and Saint Laurent but is now at J Crew and Topshop.Silver is the big color but blue and red are also key.

Who said art is just for your wall.The major shoe designers have been inspired by art in a big way this season with the emphasis on sculptural heels.So if you are both an art lover and a shoe lover this is your season.

For shoes this season More is More and More is better.Embroidery,extravagant lace,pom poms and beading are lush,luxurious and over the top.To pull this trend off pair it with a simple outfit and let the shoe be the star.

“So remember holding up every successful women is a fabulous pair of shoes”
♥ Sunil


Must haves this Fall!


Every season magazines,retailers and designers talk about the “Must Haves” for the season.What is a “Must Have” and why is it important to pay attention?A must have is something that is essential or highly desireable.Well in fashion is it all about desire or rather lust more than must and what these people are telling you is what you should buy that season.By adding these pieces to your closet you are making a statement that you are aware of current trends and pay attention to your appearance.If you do not have a lot of money to spend on clothes, focusing and adding a couple of these pieces can really raise the wow factor of your wardrobe.

So this season here is what you add to your wardrobe(if you do not already have it)…

I always say a statement coat is a must have for everyone.It can dress up the simplest outfit and it is the first thing people see.This season’s version is all about being belted which does give it polish.If you have a great statement coat see if you can add a great belt to it and update it that way.

I think we are finally seeing a backlash to all the casualization that has been happening and people are wanting to get dressed up again.The pantsuit is a key piece but it is updated with softer lines,an elongated length and power shoulders.It is a much younger take on a classic and is paired with very feminine blouses and shoes.I love it because it makes a woman look powerful and there is nothing sexier than a woman who looks like she is about to kick ass.(some of you might disagree)

This all about cozy comfort a feeling we all want to have in today’s turmoil.This season’s version is soft and envelopes you like a cocoon.It is longer and can be worn as a dress with tights and boots or over pants and leggings.

This season is all about texture and faux fur leads the way.Recent advances in technology have created faux shearlings that are so realistic that it is impossible to tell the difference and the best thing is that they are machine washable.This is your perfect layering piece this fall over pants,dresses or shirts.Look for ones that have an Americana feel to them and are inspired by the wild west.

When it is time to get dressed up this season,it is all about velvet.If you are shopping for a special event look no further than a simple velvet dress or if you are not a dress person a sharp velvet suit.It is the seasons big fabric story and is perfect for holiday.Do not be afraid to go for the over the top head to toe velvet look.

The Top 5 Prints for this Fall!

Yes,it is finally here the first day of Fall 2017.Time to start planing your outfits and rotating your closet.The first step in pulling your wardrobe together is to bring the right colors to the front.If you are not sure what the right colors are check out this link.

The next step is making sure you have the right prints.Prints can freshen up your wardrobe and be a great way to make your look sizzle.Find the seasons prints and mix them up with all the current solid colors and you have a foolproof wardrobe.If you are not a print person add a touch to your wardrobe in the form of a scarf,a bag or a shoe.

Florals are now a fall staple.Most people love wearing them in the summer and cannot seem to give them up come fall.The difference is that fall florals tend to be more moody often on a dark ground.So do continue to wear flowers well in to winter but make sure they are the right kind.

Animal prints are now a fall staple and they never ever go away.This season is all the about the rich,luxurious big cat.Leopard leads the way followed by Cheetah,Tiger and Jaguar.The prints are more lush this season embellishing nature to be noticed.This trend is not for the faint at heart.If you are not a big fan of animal opt for a shoe,this season has a crop of leopard print shoes at every price point.

Plaids and fall go hand in hand but this seasons plaids come more from across the pond and have a poshness to them.They are more pumped up and playful in scale or tend to come from traditional british menswear but very feminine at the same time.

I love this trend it is colorful and happy.Inspired by the American heartland where a scrap of fabric was not wasted but instead used to create beautiful coats and quilts.It so reminds me of Dolly Parton and her coat of many colors.

Of course each season has a print that brings whimsy…

The humble polka dot has been given a make over this season by playing with scale and making it more lavish.So if you are feeling playful this season this is a must add to your closet.

“Have fun with prints this season”

♥ Sunil


Some fashion inspiration!

Some times you need to be inspired.Fall is around the corner and before you start planing your new outfits here is some inspiration for you.Feel free to print out which ever one speaks to you and hang it up right next to your closet.



Must have Colors for Fall 2017!


Color is the easiest and most cost efficient way to update you wardrobe for any season.By wearing colors that are current you stay on trend and create a fresh look for the season.

With Fall just around the corner what colors should you be looking at to add to your repertoire.

Black is the number 1 color this fall once again,no surprise here but most of us have tons of black anyway so why go out and buy more?Well I  always say you can never have enough black, but it is good to shake it up once in a while.

The must have color of the season is Power Red,4 of the top 5 fashion magazines recommended it as Fall’s must have color.It is bold and powerful.I love it because not only does it make a statement it also inspires confidence.If head to toe red is not your thing make sure you incorporate a red bag or shoe in to your wardrobe rotation.


Shades of Grey are creating a fresh perspective for Fall.This is a great transition in to the more darker shades and perfect to wear now.Grey is also establishing a strong presence in evening wear as soft silvery tones offer an alternative to the black standard.


All you Chocolate lovers have reason to rejoice you have great calorie free versions to indulge in this Fall.Shades of Cocoa are making a big comeback.Do opt for head to toe dark chocolate or mix it with winter white,cream,camel and tan for sophisticated tonal dressing.

Nothing goes better with Dark Chocolate that delicious red wine.Fall is about all the divine wine tones,Do add shades of Merlot,Bordeaux,Cabernet or Port to your wardrobe for a swish of contemporary style.This is the perfect alternative to black in terms of shoes and bags if you are looking to update.

One of my personal favorites this season is the slew of pale pinks I am seeing.They are fresh and go so well with both grey and brown.Think of it as the new nude.There are more pale pink bags and shoes in the stores this season than I have ever seen.

A new color that emerged in to prominence at the 2017 Emmy awards red carpet is a metallic liquid silver.This will become the must have color for the holiday season.We saw this on the runway but there was a lot of debate if it will be adapted by the consumer who is having a love affair with gold.Judging my last nights red carpet it looks like silver is a must have color as well.


“So have some fun this season by adding some great colors to your wardrobe.”

♥ Sunil