How to be a Savvy Sale Shopper!

Yes we are in the middle of  glorious weather and fantastic sales.It is easy be taken in by the great 70% or even 80% off deals and think of all the money you are saving and buy things that really do not work. Beware Sale Remorse is one of the most common afflictions of the great Summer Sale Season as most items are on final sale.

I say now is the time to focus on Value and Versatility.I also recommend as a counterpoint that you be a little daring and take some fashion risks and may be get a piece or two that is a little out of you comfort zone,maybe a red dress or a navy jumpsuit?You can afford to take a little risk when prices are so great.Always remember to focus on items that fit your body and flatter your personality.

Here are the 7 items you should focus on.


  • Colors that go into Fall

    -Red that is a big color this season is moving to Fall in a big way.Red dresses and Jackets are going to be a key item for Holiday so if you can snag one at a deep discount where it from now to December.Deep Pink that is in stores right now is also going to be popular in September when it is going to be mixed with grey and red.Look for classic tops and sweaters in this color.


  • Perennial  Prints

    -Animal prints have now become season less and are a major statement all year round so grab some at a great price.Plaids which are normally associated with Fall are now a year round staple.


  • Key Items going in to Fall

    -Floral Dresses that are one of Springs must have items continue to be a statement in colder weather where they are layered with chunky sweaters and leather jackets.Look for prints that are on a dark ground and have sleeves.Trench coats which are the key outerwear for Spring were featured on major Fall runways.


  • Printed Scarves

    -Scarves in bold prints were an integral part of the Fall shows,designers showed them in all kinds of innovative ways.So grab a bunch on sale look for traditional square ones or long rectangular ones.

Besides by getting two of the same scarf for the price of one you can do all these fabulous things with them.

  • Layering pieces

    -Use this opportunity to stock up on Tanks,Camisoles and classic Tees in Black,White and Nude.You will have to freshen up these pieces on a regular basis.Look for great leggings as well.Make sure you buy a full set of white camissoles,tanks and tees and store them in acid free paper for next Spring.


  • Classic Pieces

    -White button Front Shirts,Classic cashmere V-necks,A little Black Dress and A great Blazers are all items that are worth the investment.These are pieces that are timeless and are the building blocks of your wardrobe.


  • Investment Pieces

    -A fantastic black leather handbag,timeless nude pumps,a beautiful evening clutch or a beaded luxurious shawl.Think of these as items you will use in your life time and then share with your daughters.Here are some items that are going to be big this Fall.


  •  Bonus-Bathing Suits

    If you are planning any kind of warm weather winter getaway,now is the time to pick up your bathing suits.Bathing suits will not be in the stores or online until February next year and they will be full price.Pick up a couple at 50% off and store them in a breathable bag(not plastic).

 Always be a Smart Shopper

♥ Sunil

Fabulous 4th of July Style!

This weekend kicks off all the fabulous events that celebrate Independence day.We are all patriots especially this close to the Independence day weekend.

This is the one time a year that I get a little carried away and indulge in some red,white and blue mania.Being an immigrant whose journey to citizenship was pretty arduous,I never take this day for granted.I am very proud to call this country my home and celebrate 30 years in New York City next month.

It is such a fine line between creating a fabulous fashion forward patriotic look or ending up with something that looks like it escaped from a parade.If you want to rock some over the top patriotic style by all means go for it.

For most of us it is about a balance between showing off our patriotism and being stylish.To find the right balance I looked to the stars of movies and music for inspiration.

So if you are in the mood for  displaying some all out 4th of July madness or just a subtle hint of your patriotic spirit.Here are 5 tips to do it right.


White is such a clean refreshing palette to base you out fit on.It is cool crisp and comfortable.Finish it off with a touch of red and blue.

Picking one motif and making it your central theme,creates a look that is sophisticated and polished,take a cue from these celebrities and create just one focal point to your outfit.Mix this with two classic american fabrics,chambray and denim.

Instead of just draping your self in a flag,designers have created artistic interpretations that capture the spirit of it.Look for something that is more interesting and flattering.


There are so many fabulous accessories out there that feature the flag.Go for a great head to toe white,red or blue outfit and then punch it with a flag bag or shoe.Subtle but very effective in creating a stylish outfit.I usually tend to take this route myself.There are so any fantastic options.


With all the creativity that is going on with nails,this is the place to go crazy.So get some patriotic nail art and pair with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of jeans to get the ultimate understated wow outfit.

The great news is all of these tips work for the men in your life as well maybe not so much tip number 5 but I know a few rock stars that can make it work.

But the main thing to remember is to celebrate what an amazing country we are because it is our diversity that makes us so great.

Happy Independence Day

♥ Sunil


Tips for a Stylish Canada day!

This weekend kicks off all the fabulous events that celebrate Canada day.We are all patriots especially this close to a day that celebrates unity and birth.I feel so much kinship with Canada right now that I am celebrating it as well.I have travelled to so many amazing places in Canada, met so many wonderful people and am totally in love with this amazing nation.

This is the one time a year that you can get a little carried away and indulge in some red,white and maple leaf mania.It is such a fine line between creating a fabulous fashion forward patriotic look or ending up with something that looks like it escaped from a parade.If you want to rock some over the top patriotic style by all means go for it.

For most of us it is about a balance between showing off our patriotism and being stylish.To find the right balance is a challenge.

So if you are in the mood for  displaying some all out Canada day madness or just a subtle hint of your patriotic spirit.Here are 3 tips to do it right.


Red and White is such a classic Summer combination and you cannot go wrong with it.If you are not a fan of red take a Kate Middleton route and go with all white with some fabulous red accessories.

You can jazz up the simplest summer tank and shorts combo with some really cool red and white accessories.I personally love ones that incorporated the maple leaf.Think of mixing flag inspired accessories with denim or chambray for a more casual look.

One of the most stylish ways to rock patriotic style is with a fabulous manicure.Then mix it up with blue jeans and a crisp white shirt and you have a very chic Canada day look.

So how every you choose to dress the most important thing is to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments and diversity of a great nation.Happy Birthday Canada and know that you lead in so many wonderful ways.

Lots of Love to all my Canadian friends



Time for Hats!

Yes it is that time of year again,the sun is out and in full force and nothing says chic summer dressing like a great hat.The perfect topper not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also gives you outfit polish.Here are some tips to help you find the right one.With all the images from the recent royal wedding there has been a lot of renewed interest in hats.

Finding the right topper for you

When it comes to rocking the perfect topper knowledge is power. With a little “hatucation”you will be able to confidently select the perfect hat.

Hat Anatomy

Hat Anatomy is simple: the two main parts of a hat are the crown and the brim. The crown is what sits at the top, while the brim is the part that sticks out. Both of these matters when picking out the right hat for your face shape.

Finding your face shape

This is the main consideration in finding the right hat. Simply look in your bathroom mirror with your hair pulled back and trace around your face with a piece of soap. Step away and see your face shape

Round face
The goal is to elongate your face while balancing it. Go for a higher crown and a wider brim. A wide brim sun hat or fedora works best for you

Oval face
This shape is the most flattering and symmetrical, making it the facial equivalent of the hourglass body shape. Most hats will look great on you!
The hat world is your oyster have fun trying on all styles

Square face
Elongate your face by choosing a hat that sits high on your forehead. Choose a color that flatters your eyes and keep make up simple. Your top picks would be stylish berets and rounder style hats.

Heart shaped face
Mid-sized brims work to keep your face more balanced. Experiment with your hat tilted slightly to the side. Go for upturned brims and decorative details.

Once you have discovered your face shape take time shopping and try on lots of options. Keep in mind some simple Dos and DON’Ts:


  1. Factor in your personality; your hat is an expression of who you are!
  2. Make sure your hat has a snug, but not a too tight fit.
  3. Keep your hair and make up simple when wearing a hat.
  4. Choose your hat to match your outfit: dressy outfits call for simple elegant hats and simple outfits can take a dramatic chapeau.
  5. Use your hat to enhance your body shape:If you are petite a hat can add a couple of inches of height.Curvy women can balance their proportions with a larger, wide brimmed hat.


  1. Let the brim cover your eyes unless you want to be incognito.
  2. Wear the hat on the back of your head so it falls off every 5 minutes.
  3. Wear it back to front especially with baseball caps unless you are under the age of 16.
  4. Go crazy with feathers, sequins and tulle unless you are going to the Ascot or a Drag ball then by all means.
  5. Carry it in your hand all the time; it is a hat not a purse.


Here are some of this Summer’s Top Trends


So “Be like a royal this season and rock a great topper”




The 5 most important fashion lessons!

This is my 100th post on #sunilstyles as my blog celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary next week.

Over 31000 people have read it mostly from the US and Canada but their are women from Australia,Mexico,Germany,Spain and Sri Lanka that read it on a regular basis.Thank you all for taking the time to share in this journey of learning about design and style.

This post was the hardest to write so I looked back on my 34 years in fashion to what has really made an impact on me,what has really stayed and what I continue to draw on.So I decided to share the 5 most valuable lessons I have learned.

1.You are the Masterpiece

As Yves St Laurent so aptly put it “Over the years I have learned what is most important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”,I too have come to realize that every woman is a masterpiece and the focus of any outfit.After all she is created by the ultimate designer in his own image.Every masterpiece deserves her own unique frame to bring out every beautiful detail and highlight.Clothes,Accessories,Hair and Make up are all part of that frame,as they bring focus to all the beauty that is all ready there.

A masterpiece is always magnificent but the perfect frame makes it even more so.So always remember what ever you choose to wear,the focus should always be you.

2.There are no such things as flaws

I am always faced my women who tell me they would be so beautiful if not for their big bust,small hips,skinny arms,fat ankles,height or weight and I could go on and on and on.I have come to realize that it is the effect of how we have been conditioned to look so critically at our selves and has nothing to do with our actual bodies.I did believe at one point that to look good you had to “Minimize your flaws”.

There are so such things as flaws it is in our head.Is a gap tooth a flaw or a mole?What about a big behind or skin pigmentation?It took Lauren Hutton,Winnie Harlow,Cindy Crawford and Jlo to make be rethink the whole concept of “Flawed”.Do flaws get magazine covers?



Confidence is the best accessory and sometimes the only accessory.It does not matter what you where or how you wear it.If it makes you feel confident thats all that matters.I have dressed billionaires and women living in shelters.The only way I know that I have them in the right outfit and accessories is when I see that twinkle in their eyes,the lengthening of the spine and that extra 30 second glance in the mirror.The look on their face that says “Wow,I look fantastic”.Then I know I have nailed it.So the best look for you is the one that makes you feel confident.

My mantra is if you look good,then you feel good.If you feel good you dare good.In the end the most important thing is that you do good.


4.Great Style is an A+

I always talk about the 4 A’s of great style.The first is Attitude,because attitude is everything.The second is Area because you should always be aware of your surroundings and dress for them.The third is Anatomy because you always dress the body you have and the final A is for Age.Never dress you age but be aware of it and always dress ageless.

5.It is all about evolving

In fashion and style nothing can stay static,it has to always be fresh and updated.Your hair,makeup and clothing once you find what works for you has to change to reflect you and the times.The best example of it well done is how Princess Diana evolved her hair and makeup over time.

I hope you are able to take away something from the “5 Most Important Fashion Lessons” that I have learned and apply it to your life.

♥ Sunil