Effortless Style all Summer!

With Summer almost upon us.Here are ten tips to great Summer style.

Do not use the heat and humidity as an excuse to lose your sense of style.Summer is very often the busiest time of year for a lot of women and keeping things fresh and simple is the way to go.

1. Keep it light and layered

Simple and interesting is the key. Always have a cardigan, jacket or light wrap handy for those fluctuating temperatures as many places have their air conditioning on full blast. Make sure every piece in your outfit can stand on its own.


2. Crisp

Always have a white cotton shirt handy it goes with everything. If you do not own one steal one from a man in your life.Throw it over your outfit to hide what is underneath.


3. Stay Chic

All that fabulous color and print but watch out not all of it works for your skin tones specially early on. When in doubt go black and white. Style icons love this classic combo for a reason. Feel free to pop it with a touch of red, pink or yellow they are all 3 summers must have colors.



4. Be well shod for summer

Bright colors and great patterns, Block heels and wedges, Matte and shine, This year has yielded a bounty of stunning summer shoes.


5. Belt it

The skinny belt or chain belt is your friend. It instantly dresses up even the most casual tank top and gives you definition when you wear something loose and flowy.


6. Invest in Summer Bling

Simple dramatic accessories and summer are the perfect fit. One statement piece like a long layered necklace or a dramatic earring is great. Keep it simple. A powerful style statement this summer is just one dramatic cuff.


7. Go bagalicious

Summer fashion tends to be minimal so make your bag a statement. For evening go really small with a clutch mini cross body or a mini drawstring. For day go big with a bright bucket, graphic tote or a soft leather hobo.



8. So fresh

Keep summer makeup light fresh, fabulous and with SPF.Just a touch to keep you on point.Focus either on the eyes or lips,never the whole face.


9. ”Made” with the right shades” and hat

A face flattering pair of quality sunglasses is essential for fashion and eye protection.So is the perfect hat.




10. Scarf 911

Always have one or two handy. They work as a great cover up, can battle a bad hair day as a headband,headwrap or tie or add a touch of print and polish to a simple outfit.



“Do not let the heat and humidity turn you into a “Hot Mess”

♥ Sunil


How to accessorize your body!

Now that you are familiar with your body type and how to dress it.You must also pay attention to how you accessorize it.I have always said that accessories can make your break your outfit.When you pick your accessories it is critical that they work with your outfit but it is also vital that they compliment your body type.Both are equally important.

One of the most common fashion faux pas I see out there is when the outfit and accessories look great but does not frame the woman in quite the right way.I am sure you  sometimes glance at a woman and think “What a great look but  it is not for her”.

Here is what to aim for in creating the perfect look.


1.Must make your legs look longer and leaner.

2.Must balance your body shape.

APPLE-you want nothing in the line of vision between your heel and your leg.If you are wearing hose, match it to your shoe.Avoid straps at all costs.Nude is the best color for you or match your pants.Go for a low vamp or an open toe.

PEAR-simple shoes are best because you want to keep attention up top.You also want to balance your hips with a shoe that has substance to it like a wedge or a block heel pump.A skinny high heel can make you look off kilter.

PENCIL-the goal is to add softness,so details like multiple straps,bows and ruffles are a must for you.Ballet flats are your best friend and do not be afraid of high heels. Avoid shoes with a lot of hardware and combat boot are an absolute no no.Chose softer colors like pink,tan and taupe.

HOURGLASS-A curvier body looks better with a curvier shoe.Peep toes and rounded toes are sexy because they echo your curves.Avoid pointy toes at all cost.

STRAWBERRY-Bright colors are key here to move the eye down.Prints are your best friend,but keep the shapes simple.three dimensional details will add interest as well but make sure they are not overwhelming.

Here are  some of the shoes you should consider this season!



This is one area that most women do not pay attention,they look at a bag on a shelf and a counter but not against their body.You need to try on a bag just as you would a dress or a shoe.Do not believe the myth the “Bigger your bag looks, the smaller your booty looks next to it”

APPLE-create balance by making sure your bag is no wider than the widest part of your body. Avoid straps that hang the bag against your mid section.A structured tote with a short handle works best.No tiny bags for you.

PEAR-make sure the bag sits more on the upper half of your body.A short handled bag that sits comfortably under your arm in a bright color can work well to balance your lower body.An oversize clutch carried above your waist is a must for evening.

PENCIL-handbags that sit at the natural waist add a slight curve to your body.Chose soft hobo’s and satchels ,avoid messenger bags at all costs.

HOURGLASS-you can carry any handbag your heart desires but structured boxy bags and totes can give you the best bang for your buck.

STRAWBERRY-Avoid shoulder bags and messenger bags,make sure your straps are not too wide or too long.A cross body that sits against your lower half can work well.

Here are some of the bags you should consider this season!


The Best Belts for your body shape are the ones that enhance and flatter them.It is also important to wear the belt at the right position on your body.
APPLE-this is the hardest body shape for belts.Soft knit belts or chord belts simply tied to the side create the illusion of a waist with out emphasizing it.Never wear a belt across your mid section and stay with colors that match your outfit.

PEAR-mid width belts are the best;avoid anything skinny or very wide.Stay in the same color family as your outfit and wear it slightly lower on your waist.

PENCIL-avoid anything too wide,wear it at your true waistband create a soft blouson effect by pulling at the fabric on top.This gives he effect of soft curves that is very flattering.

HOURGLASS-your body is built for belts and you should be wearing them almost all the time.They should always be worn at the middle of your waist and the smallest point and dark colors flatter you best.

STRAWBERRY-mid width to narrower belts work best for you.Make sure to wear it lower lower on your waist or at the top of your hip.Wear a light color belt with a darker dress or top and create fullness below the belt.


♥ Sunil

Here is a cheat sheet to help you,feel free to print and keep handy!