Must haves for a Stylish Summer!

This weekend is the unofficial start of Summer here are some things you must have to rock Summer style,even if it is just for yourself

BOHO BANGLESHave plenty of them in all colors.


Make sure you have a couple of different heel heights for day and night.


 A great Tote for a day and a Cute Clutch for Night


Not only will it keep you cool during the day, it will give you a touch of mystery at night.


Not only will they protect your eyes but they will flatter your face.



This is the must have item of the summer,find one that makes you happy.Do take a minute and check out the floral dress and 2 piece jumpsuit that I designed for Storyline.

Here is the link to the dress.

The great thing about this is not only can you wear the pieces separately,it makes going to the restroom a lot easier.Check out the link for the pant

The great thing about the top is that it reverses to solid black and a crew neck giving you two looks for the price of one.



“Always stay stylish in the summer and remember it is all about how you feel.Looking good makes you feel great”

♥ Sunil




Dressing for Zoom!

The one thing we have left to dress for right now is our Zoom calls.Dressing for Zoom is slightly different than dressing for a normal work day.


What are the differences?

1.Offices tend to be a little more formal,it would be strange to be taking a Zoom call in a tailored suit from home.

2.Your outfit has to multitask as between calls you may be a cook, a teacher ,a referee or even a PE instructor.

3.The focus is on the top half but wearing something on the bottom does help.

4.Your look has to be professional and casual at the same time.

With a little planning and some last minute effort you can look sensational on your call


Here is how you do it.
  • Start with a great base outfit that embodies your shape and style.Make sure you Zoom outfit reflects how you normally dress for work
  •  Keep it Simple-no fussy detail or lines
  •  Make it Streamlined-great fabric that does not wrinkle
  • Monochromatic-dark colors in rich tones of blue, red, pink, grey and black look best
  • Comfortable- fits your body, elastic waistbands and styles that drape without cling


What to avoid at all costs
  • Busy prints-they can pixelate on camera and are distracting
  • Stiff fabrics-can wrinkle and pull
  • Green and Yellow-unless you have a great tan they can wash you out
  • Ill-fitting and Tight clothing-If you are uncomfortable people can sense it


Once you have your outfit on look in the mirror and make sure it meets the following criteria

It should do the following

  • Make you feel Confident
  • Look Beautiful
  • Be Pulled Together
  • Read Chic
  • Flattering to you on camera,do a quick check on your computer or phone


Just before your call-set an alarm 5 minutes before start time and do the following

CHANGE OUT OR ADD ONE ITEM-this elevates your all day look a notch

  • Replace a tee shirt with soft dressy top
  • Add a jacket or a cardigan for instant polish

ADD AN ACCESSORYthis gives your look a little more polish,never add sunglasses or hair accessories they can be distracting

  • Put on a flattering necklace
  • Add some interesting earrings
  • Add a scarf close to your neck

TIP-you can balance your face shape and complement it by adding a necklace that hits your flattering neck point here is how.


APPLY A TOUCH OF COLOR-it is unrealistic to be walking around you house with a full face of makeup so..

Apply a touch of muted eyeshadow

Add a sharp lipstick in an appropriate color(stay away from red)

Dust your cheeks with a soft blush

or just add a filter to your camera



Check your background or create one on Zoom

Make sure your lighting is right,it should be to the side of you or in front never behind YOU

Check your microphone


If you feel like you do not have the right work from home wardrobe do check out my jersey capsule collection at Storyline Collection it is designed to look good on camera and keep you comfortable and stylish.It is a mix and match concept that will give you many Zoom outfits.


Since you do need way more many tops than you do bottoms we are doing a special where you can get our turnaround top which gives you 2 different neckline options for your calls  for $25 including shipping in the United States.(US $40 for Canada)


How to find your perfect shoes this Spring!

We all dream of finding that perfect shoe,it takes a little bit of effort and energy to find your perfect mate.Here are some tips to finding the shoe that flatters you.It is no secret that the right shoe can make your outfit.

Shoes are the pedestal on which your entire look is built.These simple pointers that will get you on the right road to finding the perfect shoe.

 Finding the right fit at the shoe store

1.Try different sizes in the shoe that you like,sizing is not standard you may be a size 8 in one designer and easily be a size 9 in another designer.Most European designers tend to fit smaller than American designers.If ordering online look at the reviews from other shoppers about sizing.

2.Try to shop in the afternoon or the evening,your feet tend to swell during the day so if you shop first thing in the morning you may get a shoe that will not be as comfortable.Try not to shoe shop on very humid days.

3.Walk on an uncarpeted surface,this will give you a better idea on how the shoe will feel on a pavement or hard surface,shoes feel different on a soft plush carpet.

4.Try on both feet,most of us are slightly larger in one foot than the other so make sure both feet feel fine.Some people will quietly switch one of the shoes for a half size bigger which is not the right thing to do.You are better off getting the size that fits and putting a pad in the foot that is loose.

5.Move,wriggle your toes,flex your ankles and make sure you sit and stand.If any part of the shoe rubs or catches on your foot blisters are on their way.

6.Do not fall for the salesperson line”It will stretch out” or “it will be more comfortable when you break it in”.Chances are if they are not comfortable in the store they are not going to be comfortable at the event you are going to wear them to.

7.Not only does a shoe need to fit,it needs to look like it fits,if your toes dangle out of an open toe shoe or your heels slide of the back the shoe may fit but it does not look like it fits.Also make sure you foot does not break the style lines of the shoe.

Pay attention to details

Heels,A medium height flatters most people(2″ to 3″) make sure that shape of the heel compliments your body shape for example if you are petite a thick chunky heel can look heavy so you want a slimmer  heel.

Vamp,This is the top part of the shoe.The most flattering are low V or U shaped ones that show the right amount of toe cleavage(yes that is a thing) are best with dresses and skirts.Avoid wearing high cut vamps with skirts as they can shorten your legs.Think about what you will be wearing the show with most of the time

Toe Shape,a tapered toe provides the most flattering look but stay away from ones that are too pointy as they can distract from your outfit.If you find tapered toes uncomfortable opt for a more oval toe.

Straps,Pay attention to the position and the width of the straps.A wide strap over the instep will draw attention to your feet,a slim T strap elongates your feet and an ankle strap will draw attention to your ankles.So be aware of this specially if you have thick ankles or heavy calves.

Color,Black  works with most colors except for light ones where nude is a better option.Tans and khakis work best with denim.For evening do match the color of your shoe to your outfit or go with a great metallic.If you wear a lot of solids do go for a bit of print and pattern to pep up your look.Monochromatic your thing,then texture is your friend.

Remember a shoe that matches your skin toe will make your legs look longer and goes with every color. Off whites and soft pinks work better on most people instead of a stark white.Yellow and green are the hardest shoe colors for most people to wear unless you are dark skinned and then nothing is off limits.

Trends for Spring 2020

Here are the top trends for this season,some have been around for awhile and others we are seeing for the first time.I would say if you are only buying one shoe this season make it a Loafer.

This is the most versatile shoe of the season you can wear it with a blazer for work,with jeans as a casual statement and pair it with a dress for evening.This borrowed from the boys trend has been around for for awhile and keeps getting stronger so it is a great shoevestment.

Also called a slide the key feature of this shoe is that it has no back.This makes it a great wear at home,driving and pool shoe.It is usually a flat or has a small kitten heel.It works best in the warmer months when you want to dip your toes in the ocean.

Must have shoe of the Summer and go with a tall one only if you have long legs.They are a little hard to get on and off but they do look fabulous.

A Flatform(yes it is a word) is a flat platform a staple in Japan for centuries it is being reinvented this Spring with A Sporty/Casual edge.If you are a shoenista this is a trend for you.

Why limit wearing Jewelry on you body when you can also wear it on your feet.Think of shoes that double up as necklaces,rings and cuffs.This is the must have shoe trend for evening.




So with a little effort and energy you too can be like Cinderella and find the perfect shoe

“Happy Shoe Shopping”

♥ Sunil

Spring is about the Dress!

Right now with all the bad news around us I am taking a minute to focus on something that makes me Happy and thinking about fabulous dresses make me very happy.I always remember growing up that I would say that I wanted to be a “Dress Designer” like designing any other category of clothing did not matter.When it comes to this Spring this is so true.

So even if you have no place to go the simple action of putting on a dress can make you feel divine. One piece,sweet,romantic and yes powerful a great dress is your  universal answer to all questions “what do I wear when I want to feel good“.

When you find the right dress or it finds you it is a match made in heaven.  I believe whatever your body type,age or style you can find the right dress for you by following these simple guidelines.The right dress first of all flatters your body type.

Body type

The key points are the details,the shape and the neckline.If you follow these simple rules it will help you find the right dress for you.

This season is all about Color and Print. To find out what colors you should be wearing for Spring 2020 check out my previous post  Not a fan of color and print the good news is that the LBD that Audrey Hepburn made iconic is one of the strongest trends this Spring.One retailer I looked at had 965 options on their website when I typed in Little Black Dress.What is new this season Sleeves are the big trend so if you are not a fan of showing your arms this is the season for you.

I love a LBD so much that I had to design one for my collaboration with Storyline.I was inspired by the concept of a tee shirt dress that can work as a tunic.My version has pockets and looks amazing belted as well.Check it out at

This dress looks fantastic on an hourglass shape when it is belted and really flatters both a pear and pencil shape.

Age,remember it is just a number so go with a trend from this season that you relate to and showcase!

The good news is there are so many trends this season that there is a trend for every age group to rock.

20’s and 30’s-Ruffles are the best trend to rock this season.Go with bold Ruffles for both day and night.Do try a floral printed ruffle dress for maximum drama.Want something more sleek and minimal,go for the structured little dress option.

Here are some Little Red Dress options that will flatter your body type.

40’s and 50’s-Floral dresses with a little structure are your thing,Plenty of dresses with sleeves and collars out there if sleeveless is not your thing.Every store window in NYC right now features some version of a floral print dress.What is new is that they are being shown with booties and sneakers for a touch of edge.


I was so inspired by the beautiful tropical flowers that I grew up with that I worked with my friend Dusty Hope to create a fabulous limited edition Floral Print Dress for Storyline Collection.Do grab one while they last at


50’s and 60’s Volume is the trend for you to rock this season.Look for a sophisticated version with great drama.

60’s and 70’s,Go classic this season with a statement LBD accessorize it with bright colors.Red, White, and Pink Bags and Shoes are the way to go this season.You can also pop it with a great print jacket.


So go out there and grab hold of a trend you love and “Rock it”

Style-Find the dress that reflects your personality!

The good news is even if you are not a dress person there are styles out there this spring that will reflect your personality.The way you accessorize a dress can also make it your style.

Classic-Shirt dresses and Sheath dresses in crisp cottons or linens.Gingham and seersucker are great options as well.Accessorize with a simple flat shoe,a leather belt and a classic cardigan.

Sporty-Polo Dresses and  Tee Shirt dresses in soft cotton jersey.Look for active dresses as well both Lululemon and Athleta have some great options.Pair with a great sneaker and a visor or a striped backpack.

Bohemian- Floral dresses in cotton gauze or voile.Look for this season amazing pieced print dresses.Mix with an embroidered shoe and a straw bag.

Fashionista-Ruffles in sheer chiffon is your go to option this season.Match it with a feather shoe and an art inspired clutch.Set it off with an over the top statement earring.

Avante-Garde-All about zany mixed dots or florals in innovative fabrics.Contrast it with a bold shoe in yellow or bright blue and pair it with an oversized bag.Feel free to mix prints for the season’s edgiest look.

Dresses do not Fit You

I am often told that people find it hard to find a dress that fits because they are not the same size on the top and bottom.40% of American Women fall into this category.Also if you are a person that just does not wear dresses that often you may not want to invest in one.Do look at the option of buying a top and a skirt that when worn together look like a dress.This way you can get a different size top and bottom and also wear them separately.

I am always a fan of this and have created 4 dress looks for Storyline that come from separates so click on this link if this is for you.

This is also a great option when you travel if you have an occasion that needs a dress wear it together and then mix it up for the rest of your trip.

“Now you have no reason not to try a dress or a dress look this season.”

 ♥ Sunil



Must Have Colors for Spring 2020

With Spring peaking her sweet head around the corner and arriving in 21 short days,I now feel safe in talking about the colors you must wear this Spring!

After analysing the runway shows,the stores,blogs and the 18 different fashion magazines I now feel totally comfortable coming up with the top 5.

The number 1 must have is

No surprise here,it is always the color combination that heralds the arrival of Spring as we we go thru to Summer we dial up the White.90 percent of the stores in NYC are displaying this as you enter.Most of the Spring shows opened up with this classic color combination.It is a great way to ease you out of your winter darks and prepare you for the feast of color that is to come.

This has lead to the number 1 print trend of the season which is…

Polka Dots lead the way followed by Florals,Stripes,Checks and Geos,we are also seeing some black and white Animal prints for Spring that look fresh and new.

I so love Black and White Prints that I designed two for Storyline Collection,one that is a Shadow Print and the other that is a Tropical Floral with a pop of Pink.Do check them out at

It cannot be Spring without every little girl’s favourite color,so in second place is…

This season’s Pinks have a cosmopolitan polish to them and there are 2 shades dominating a softer shade Pantone calls Coral that is welcoming and embraces emerging spring blossoms and a shocking Fuchsia shade that tempts the eye.Both look great when mixed with Black and White right now and then mix them with Denim and Khaki as the season goes on.Summer, just wear them head to toe.

In Third place it is…

Red is now an all season color Spring’s version is a Scarlet shade that burns bright and looks amazing with Navy,Khaki and White.It is also a major color for bags and shoes that you can use to pop all your neutrals.If you only buy one bag and shoe a season make it a Scarlet one.

Coming in next is a splash of happiness…

It is scientifically proven that no color makes you happier that Yellow.Think of  daffodils, daisies and buttercups.Head to toe Yellow is an option this season but it also looks great with Navy,Khaki and White.If you can afford a splurge a yellow shoe is a must this season.

Finally my favourite color appears in 3 must wear shades…

A light faded denim shade,a midtone mosaic blue and a bold classic blue are all must haves.Mix them with your staple neutrals or with each other for total cool sophistication.Look for a tie dye print that mixes all 3 and pair it with white for Summer’s must have statement.I think blue is an easy color to wear with any skin tone and looks better as you get your tan on.It looks super fresh when mixed with White.

I picked a rich ocean inspired Blue for the myst have color for my Spring 20 collection for Storyline,it looks amazing when mixed with black and white but also works well with classic neutrals.

Check out the 3 pieces available at Storyline Collection right now,click on this link to be directed to the site

So have lots of fun with color this season and do not be afraid to experiment.Also know that…