It is time to dress up!

Yes,it is finally here Spring has arrived and with her arrival time to dress it up Time to get out of those big sweaters,baggy sweats and heavy coats and have some fun.Easter,Mother’s day,Graduations and Wedding season are all upon us.So what do you wear?That is easy say “Yes to the Dress”.One piece,sweet,romantic and so girly a great dress is your  universal answer to all questions what do I wear?.

What are the biggest trends right now!

This was the Number 1 trend during the Spring 2017 Runway shows and it has translated really well to retail.Most people look great in a medium scale floral on a dark background.Save the lighter ground florals for later in the season when you are more tanned.The good news is that we are seeing a lot of dresses out there with sleeves.A new trend we are seeing which is great for all you pant loving girls are floral jumpsuits that look like dresses,so now you can have your cake and eat it.The comfort of pants with the look of dress magic.Do not shy away from florals if you are a curvy girl.It is a myth that florals make you look bigger. Placed florals are extremely flattering and can be used to showcase your figure.Always go with a solid shoe when wearing a floral dress.

The great thing is even if you do not love florals you can get that feel and lift by pairing a simple solid dress with a floral bag,shoe and scarf.So even if florals are not your thing get in to spring’s main mood and rock it with your classic little black dress or you little navy dress.


Here are some black dress options to flatter your body shape.To make your look feel more spring like opt for the same dress in navy.Dress them up with floral accents.


Stripes are all the buzz this season and they are anything but boring.Most of us have been told to stay away from horizontal stripes as they make you look bigger,another myth that you need to bust.Horizontal stripes in the right scale and color can be very flattering.Vertical stripes and stripes on the bias are the way to go if you are stripe phobic.The key trend of the season is having stripes go in multiple directions on the same dress.

Again stripes not your thing go for a classic red dress and accessorize it with a striped shoe,belt or bag.

Striped accessories will really punch up this seasons new must have dress,LRD (Little Red Dress)

A touch of stripe can give your look some contemporary panache.They also give your look a sporty accent.

Ruffles are this season’s must have.They add aromatic softness and create drama and movement.The great thing this season is their are options with lots of ruffles or just a touch,so this way you can choose the right one for you.Ruffles look best in solid colors as they stand out more.Ruffles at the neck,sleeve and hem are the most flattering.

If you cannot get enough ruffles! guess what they are now on your scarves,bags and shoes as well.So get in touch with your inner princess and rock some ruffles this season.

The good news is all of the products featured in this post are currently available in stores and on line.They range from $25.00 to $4800.00.The best way to know that something is a big trend is when you see it at Neiman Marcus and then at Target.


Remember “A great dress can remind you about what is beautiful about life”

♥ Sunil

Style Advice from an Icon-Miss Piggy

miss-piggyMiss Piggy is in the news a lot these day.I do not know how or why but suddenly her name is being tossed around as an insult. I love Miss Piggy and that she is a major influence on me.She has taught me so much about body image and style.

Miss Piggy is a total style and beauty icon. She has had a 6 page fashion feature in InStyle, been on the cover of Elle and has been dressed by Louis Vuitton,Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood.She also has her own make up line from MAC and is the star of the Muppet Show.

Now she has her own line of cloth and accessories launching this holiday from Kate Spade.She is a triple C in my eyes,Confident ,Curvy and Courageous.In addition she is  also clever and cute.So all I can say to people is,please do not use her name as an insult.

My senior collection at FIT was an homage to her fabulous style and those of you who attended the Jockey P2P conference in 2012 were treated to an hour presentation on her style advice.Here are some valuable lessons that I learnt from her and follow every single day.You must remember these tips with the holidays coming up as you have to feel and look your best.

1. First and most importantly be proud of your beautiful body.You are perfect.



2. It is okay to stand up to people who do not understand your beauty.Punching them not the best idea.


3. Do not let dieting be your obsession specially around the holidays, yes it is important to be healthy but do not obsess about food.It is not what you have or do not have but what you do with it.



4. Live by your own style rules,do not let anyone impose their rules on you.Her 5 style comandments are fabulous.Every one of you need to follow these.

Style is about expressing your inner self,capturing your personal ethos and most importantly spending someone else’s money.
Being stylish means constantly maintaining your image,updating your look and destroying old photos of yourself with big hair and wearing spandex.
Always,always dress for your self.Otherwise it gets too crowded in the dressing room.
Clothes are like good friends.They should always compliment your appearance.
Beauty is about loving who you are.If you have problems with that may I suggest loving who I am.



5.Treat the world as your runway because who says that is isn’t.So strut your stuff all the time and do not be afraid to try new things.



So forget about all the stress and criticism  you are going to face this holiday season,and  focus on celebrating you or as Miss Piggy would say Moi!


Rock your Curves

Rock Curves5 Tips to showcase your Curves

If you are blessed with beautiful curves, here are 5 simple tips to make sure you are showcasing them in the best light.

1. Always wear clothing that FITS CORRECTLY. Clothing that is too big or too small is not your friend.Do make a tailor your best friend to ensure that everything is just right.

2. Invest in GOOD FABRICS that drape with out clinging. It is okay to have fewer items to ensure you get the best fabric.

3. Do not be afraid of COLOR.Use color, print and pattern to showcase your best figure features.

4. Buy GREAT FOUNDATION GARMENTS.A good bra and smoothing underwear will boost your figure and help clothing hang properly. Invest in high end shapewear that will create a fabulous foundation to build on.

5. ACCESSORIZE;your shape was made your statement pieces.Wear 2 or 3 necklaces at once and go for big earrings. Dramatic bags and shoes frame your curves to perfection.


Remember your Curves are a Gift from God

♥ Sunil