What to buy now!

We are half way thru the Spring season and parts of the US and Canada had snow last weekend.This unusually long Winter has lead to an over abundance of merchandise at most retailers and the Summer product is about to hit stores right about now.Most retailers are currently offering 40% to even 60% off  the current seasons merchandise which is unprecedented this early.

So what do you buy right now?We all know that this is going to be a very short Spring so what  has value?The good news is all the Fall/Winter fashion shows have all ready happened so we know what is going to be in for the rest of the year.I also recommend that you be a little daring and take some fashion risks and may be get a piece or two that is a little out of you comfort zone.You can afford to take a little risk when prices are so great.Here is what you should focus on.


  • Colors that go into Fall

    -Red that is a big color this season is moving to Fall in a big way.Red dresses and Jackets are going to be a key item for Holiday so if you can snag one at a deep discount where it from now to December.Deep Pink that is in stores right now is also going to be popular in September when it is going to be mixed with grey and red.Look for classic tops and sweaters in this color.


  • Perennial  Prints

    -Animal prints have now become season less and are a major statement all year round so grab some at a great price.Plaids which are normally associated with Fall are now a year round staple.


  • Key Items going in to Fall

    -Floral Dresses that are one of Springs must have items continue to be a statement in colder weather where they are layered with chunky sweaters and leather jackets.Look for prints that are on a dark ground and have sleeves.Trench coats which are the key outerwear for Spring were featured on major Fall runways.


  • Printed Scarves

    -Scarves in bold prints were an integral part of the Fall shows,designers showed them in all kinds of innovative ways.So grab a bunch on sale look for traditional square ones and stay tuned for my post on how to create all these amazing looks.

  • Layering pieces

    -Use this opportunity to stock up on Tanks,Camisoles and classic Tees in Black,White and Nude.You will have to freshen up these pieces on a regular basis.


  • Classic Pieces

    -White button Front Shirts,Classic cashmere V-necks,A little Black Dress and A great blazers are all items that are worth the investment.These are pieces that are timeless and are the building blocks of your wardrobe.


  • Investment Pieces

    -A fantastic black leather handbag,timeless nude pumps,a beautiful evening clutch.Think of these as items you will use in your life time and then share with your daughters.

 Always be a Smart Shopper

♥ Sunil

How to dress in this insane weather!

I am sure you are experiencing what happened to me this saturday,the day started out as a nice Spring day at 55 degrees,by lunchtime it was Summer a very warm 80 degrees but by 6 pm we had dropped down to a very Wintery 38 degrees.

How can anyone dress for this insane weather?

Follow these simple 5 steps to stay fashionable,chic and comfortable no matter how much the temperature fluctuates.

1.Choose your base layer wisely.

Most people think no one is going to see it so why bother and then it get to a really hot and have to strip down.Your first layer should be

  • Soft,absorbent and great feeling against your skin.Cotton,Merino and Cashmere are all great fabrics for a base layer.camis and T Shirts that fit well are the key.
  • Have a close to the body fit and can stand alone if needed.Leggings and Tights are are great under pants.
  • Be in a skin flattering color.
2.Your layers should work together.
  • Your next layer should be easy on,easy off to not destroy hair and make up.Zip and button fronts work really well,as to cowls and deep necklines.
  • Your pieces should all have the same feel or spirit working together and standing alone.Make sure they all have the same mood.
  • Lay out all the pieces on the bed and do a quick check before you put them on.
3.Create interesting color stories.
  • Stick to the same color family with one pop color.
  • If you choose to go monochromatic mix up your textures or else your outfit will look flat.
4.Pay attention to fit.
  • Every layer should be figure flattering,as you go up make sure each layer is slightly bigger.
  • Opt for a jacket or a poncho that can layer well and look good.The good news is technical innovations in fabric and construction have created jackets that are super warm and thin at the same time.They are pricey but worth the investment.Look for a more classic style that will not go out of date.Make sure it folds easily.
5.Make sure you have a large tote.
  • Fold the pieces you take off and put them in the bag.Remember that you may need them again.

With these simple steps you can survive mother nature and remember….


5 tips to find your perfect bag

We all know that have the perfect handbag polishes your outfit and makes your life easy and effortless.It is an effective way to enhance even the simplest outfit and your figure.Here are 5 simple tips to set you on the road to finding your dream bag.

Buying the right bag.

1.How does it look?

Just because  it is the most exquisite think you have ever seen,it does not qualify it to be your handbag.Try it on as you would a dress in front of a full length mirror.Look at it from every angle,making sure it compliments your shape and personality.Remember that you are the star of your show and your bag is your supporting player.

The bag should be in proportion to your height and figure(shape).Here are a few pointers.

If you are petite,look for shorter handles or adjustable straps,you do not want it to hang too low on your body.Make sure it fits everything you need without being too big.If you are tall make sure than handbag does not sit too high on your body and is proportionate for your frame.An overly structured bag can be hard to pull off and pay a lot of attention to your evening bags.If you are curvy,structured bags work best and be more bold in your choices.

Here is a simple chart to show which bags complement your body type.

If you are not sure of your body type here is a tool to help you.

The bag should also fit your personality.make sure it expresses who you are.

2.How does it feel?

If you love shoulder bags,make sure the strap is a width that sits comfortably on your shoulder and does not dig in.Walk around a bit and see if the strap slips.Does the bag sit well under your arm.Make sure the metal hardware does not rub in to your body.Ask the store clerk if you can put your stuff in the bag and make sure it is not too heavy.Your handbag should not exceed 8% of your body weight.For example if you weigh a 150lbs you bag when full should not exceed 12lbs.One of the most common causes of back and shoulder pain among women is the weight of their handbag.

3.Will it keep me organized?

Check to make sure your wallet,cell phone and keys are all quickly accessible as those are the 3 things that you use the most.Nothing is more unstylish than a woman digging around in her handbag or emptying the entire contents to find something.When buying a day bag make sure it is secure and prevents items from being lost or stolen.When buying an evening bag make sure it fits all your needs.There is nothing worse that having to carry a cell phone and an evening bag in the same hand.

4.Does it fit your lifestyle?

Think about when and where you will use your bag.If you commute to work by public transportation you will want a sturdy bag that is weather resistant.If you spend a long time in a car you may want a bag that sits up so that the contents can be easily accessed.If you spend a lot of your time with kids you will need a hands free bag.Darker hues,treated leather and nylon bags stand up better to daily wear.

5.How does it compliment my clothing wardrobe?

Make sure the color and style of you bag compliments your wardrobe.You should have tones that match for work and tones that contrast for casual and fun options.If you wardrobe is all neutral get a great tan or brown for day a red for casual and a print for evening.Always remember your bag should not distract from your outfit but enhance it.


Your bag wardrobe

Ideally it should be tons of options that complement your clothing but there are 5 main categories that you should have in your closet.

The casual day bag-this is your bag for your days off,this is your fun bag that works well with jeans.Go for a shade that pops and a style that elevates any casual outfit.Messengers,hobos,bucket and drawstring bags work well in this category.

The structured day bag-this is your work bag,it must be versatile and organized.Go for a rich neutral shade like black,brown or tan.make sure it has polish and goes well with dressier clothes.

The tote bag-this is essential for when you are carrying a lot specially your computer.Structure,stitching and hardware elevate this bag.This bag will prevent you from having to carry multiple bags.

The evening bag-this bag is more of a statement but make sure it holds all that you need.Black,silver and gold are great colors.This is one place where you can buy a piece that makes you swoon.

The seasonal trend-this is for the true fashionista,it is fun,fabulous and fashion forward.It is a little bit of a conversation piece and a show stopper.Here are some of Spring’s Top Trends

So have fun finding your perfect purse companion!

♥ Sunil

The shoes you must buy right now!

I believe that every season one must add at least three new shoes to your collection.Bags and shoes are very powerful because they can enhance and elevate even the simplest outfit.They also give you more bang for the buck because they tend to be current for much longer than clothing and are much more versatile.

Here are some of the must have shoes for this Spring.


In terms of color Pink and white lead the way.White shoes that are normally a summer staple are being worn earlier.Pink looks new and fresh when mixed with Khaki and Grey.

It is all about sparkle and shine for both day and evening so taping in to the little girl princess in all of us,this trend is all about your shoes being the star of your outfit.It is a perfect way to elevate a simple spring or summer dress.Metallic is the new neutral and silver leads the way followed by gold.

We are also seeing a lot of clear shoes as a new trend for the season,the good news is that they go with everything but the bad news is that you always have to sport a perfect pedicure.

Wedges are big this season and are great for any type of outdoor event.Denim ones are making a big splash.

As I have always said fashion is about the yin and yang.As kitten heels rise in popularity we see the classic spring strappy sandal being given a makeover with a dramatic stiletto heel.Perfect for poolside drama and making an entrance.

We say this trend last fall and now it has gained momentum,nerds are having a fashion moment and shoe designers take this trend and elevate it to a whole other level.This is the must have trend for the fashionistas out there.

For you lovers of comfortable shoes there are so many great options

Hybrid sneakers are basically an athletic shoe that is made in dress materials,think leather,suede or linen.They have all the comfort and support of the athletic shoe but look very dressy.

Flat mules have no back so they are very easy to slide in and out of.Great for the beach or pool.


This season is all about the “Kitten Heel” so ladylike,cute and yes so comfortable.The classic heel shape has weaved in an out of fashion since the time of Louis XIV of France. Perhaps a reaction to towering heels and comfort shoes alike, the delicate heels were everywhere from Prada, Dior, Marni, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, and more on both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 runways.They rose to popularity in the 1950’s when both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn made them super sexy.A kitten heel is usually about 1 1/2″ high and has a slight curve to it.

Feminine Loafers are a girly take on a men’s classic shoe,they are great to wear to work and perfect for all day wear.If you are a pants girl this is the perfect shoe for you.

With 10 great options to choose from I am sure you can choose 3.


Find the right dress for you!

Yes,it is finally here Spring has arrived and with her arrival time to dress it up. Time to get out of those big sweaters,baggy sweats and heavy coats and have some fun.Easter,Mother’s day,Graduations and Wedding season are all upon us.So what do you wear?That is easy say “Yes to the Dress”.One piece,sweet,romantic and so girly a great dress is your  universal answer to all questions what do I wear?.

When you find the right dress or it finds you it is a match made in heaven.I believe whatever your body type,age or style you can find the right dress for you.

1.Body type

The key points are the details,the shape and the neckline.If you follow these simple rules it will help you find the right dress for you.

Not a fan of color and print get a simple black, navy or grey dress and brighten it up with some bold or printed accessories.


The good news is there are so many trends this season that there is a trend for every age group to rock.Remember that age is just a number so if you feel 30 by all means rock that trend.

20’s and 30’s-sweet and girly is the way to go,Ruffles or Polka dots are the best trend to rock this season.

40’s and 50’s-Floral dresses with a little structure are your thing,look for tailoring in the dress as well. If florals are not your thing rock a great Spring Plaid with sharp lines.Plenty of dresses with sleeves and collars out there.


60’s and above,I love the Shirt Dress it offers great structure,style and coverage and is so chic.I also love the Fringe Dress as it conceals and reveals at the same time.Yes I said it you must rock some fringe.


Classic-Shirt dresses and Sheath dresses in crisp cottons.Gingham is a great option as well.

Sporty-Polo Dresses and  Tee Shirt dresses in soft cotton jersey.Look for active dresses as well.

Bohemian-Ditzy printed Floral dresses in cotton gauze or voile.

Fashionista-Ruffles in sheer chiffon.

Avante-Garde-All about zany mixed dots in innovative fabrics.

“Now you have no reason not to try a dress this season.”

Happy Easter ♥ Sunil