Quick Style Tips for New Year’s Eve

If you have been busy with Christmas and not been paying attention to New Year’s Eve which just suddenly arrived do not fret.Here are some quick last minute ideas to up your style game from some of the leading fashion glossies.

Go to you closet and find the most fabulous all black outfit you own and add some of these touches.

The focus is on the eyes and it is all about shine and sparkle.Go for a metallic shadow or add a few rhinestones.

These dazzlers instanly update even the most basic out,the bigger the better.

It is amazing how a simple hair accessory can add serious wattage and turn you into a red carpet star.

The more dramatic update to lipstick is the lipstain it is more vibrant and does not come off when you land smooches on all the cute boys around you.

The demure kitten heel adds a sexy wearable vibe to any outfit,plus you can dance the night away.


Happy New Year
♥ Sunil

The Best Christmas Style Advice!

This time of year you are pulled in a million directions and the last thing you need is style advice but I have to share this wisdom from a very beautiful friend.

In order to dazzle at Christmas there are just 3 things to remember.

1.You are Beautiful because God created you.

2.You emit Light because your heart is full of love.

3.You are Confident and Courageous  and know what is  most important.

Everything else is just extraneous stuff that you need to ignore,follow these rules and you will be a Star.

Up your style game in 60 seconds!

This time of year we all encounter “situations” demanding that we look fab at the last minute.You know the drill: a sudden phone call “can you join us in the boardroom now”.One of your BFF’s call “Can you join me at this new hot restaurant right now,one of our party did not show”…or the man of you dreams just appeared and you want to get his attention.

We are all busy and running around like crazy and sometimes not putting our best foot forward.

The clock is ticking fast.Luckily there are 5 things you can do really fast to that your look from the ordinary to the extra ordinary.If you practice it can be done in 60 seconds.

1.ADD A PIECE OF CLOTHING,have a statement jacket or cardigan in a fantastic color on the back of your chair,in your car or behind your door.Put it on,This adds instant sophistication to your outfit.make sure it is crisp and clean.

2.POP ON A STATEMENT ACCESSORY,keep a great necklace,a bright silk scarf or some wow earrings in your purse or desk drawer.Add the one that works best with your outfit and it will instantly take it up a couple of notches.Make sure you just add one.

3.SWITCH OUT YOUR SHOES,you will not believe the impact you can create by switching from flats to heels.Your posture and stride instantly makes you taller and more fabulous.Keep a great nude or red pair under your desk and go with the highest heel you are comfortable with.

4.ADD A TOUCH OF COLOR TO YOUR FACE,keep a great lipstick,a colored blush or a mettalic eye shadow handy.Use only one of them to instantly give your face a lift.This is especially important this time of year as we can appear a little tired or washed out.

5.SPLASH ON SOME FRAGRANCE,just a touch will make you feel like a new woman make sure it is light and fresh.

It is easy to add some dash to your appearance in a flash.Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Here is a video to watch that gives you great Holiday Style Tips!




Tips for a Stylish Thanksgiving!

Remember Thanksgiving is all about Food,Family and Fun done with a dash of great style.Here are some simple tips to help you look stylish in a flash even when your whole focus is on the amazing meal you are preparing.


Add a great necklace,a bright silk scarf or some wow earrings close to the kitchen.Add the one that works best with your outfit and it will instantly take it up a couple of notches.You can do it just before you sit down to dinner.That way you will look great in all the pictures that end up on social media.


The cozy trend is big this season,so a great cozy sweater or a statement embellished sweatshirt or a furry jacket with stretch pant is all you need to look simply amazing.If you are cooking again keep it handy and slip it on after you take off your apron.


Not only is it Monochromatic it is also very slimming and looks fabulous in pictures.Choose lightweight stretchy fabrics like jersey or ponte remember the room can be hot from the oven being on all day.Make sure you dress in layers.


A quick red lip or a dab of metallic eye shadow can quickly elevate your look.


Are the best finishing touches to any great outfit if you are invited somewhere.Everyone loves them.

And finally a tip from my favourite style icon Miss Piggy!

Holiday 2017 Dress Codes, Simply explained!

Dress Codes Explained

It is the season for invites to holiday events that usually have a dress code.Here are some of the common dress codes I am seeing this season broken down for you to easily understand.Very often you get one or two words that say attire and it is really up to you to figure out what to wear,

Formal and Semi Formal

Black Tie

For Men-It is clear you have to wear a tuxedo.Make sure you rent one asap,rentals can get scarce around this season.Also pair it with the right accessories.

For Women-If it is a high-end wedding or a charity gala it requires you to wear a gown. If it is a work related function like an awards dinner you can wear a formal cocktail dress but make sure you accessorize it to the hilt. Your hair and makeup should be elegant and elevated at the same time. If you have any doubts, the best way to figure out what to wear, is to dress according to what you expect the hostess to wear. Do go online and look at the space and pictures of prior events.Social media coverage from last years event is the best place to get a lot of visual cues. This will guide you to select the best option.If you do not want to buy a dress you can easily rent one.


Black Tie Optional or Creative Black Tie

For Men-One of the murkier dress codes, men are given the option of either wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit and a tie or bowtie. If you chose to wear a suit make sure it is with a white shirt and step up your accessories specially your shoes.

For Women-The Dress code is a little more open here, you can wear anything from a long dress to a fun cocktail number. If you opt for pants make sure you pair them with a very extravagant top. Think of it like this: You aren’t expected to look as if you’re en route the Oscars, but you should still make an effort to dazzle. Hair, makeup and accessories should be stepped up and try and wear the highest heel you are comfortable with.



For Men-For guys, this dress code calls for a dark suit preferably with a tie,stripes and plaids are great. This is an opportunity to have some fun with your shirt adding print, color or texture. Dress it up with a fun pocket square.

For Women, short dresses that are party-ready. If you feel like wearing separates go for a pencil skirt or cigarette pant with a lace or beaded top. Stay away from a traditional suit but try a velvet jumpsuit or tuxedo with statement accessories for a more fun look with a little edge. When in doubt, wear a little black dress or a little red dress and dress it up with fantastic jewelry and over the top shoes.. Cocktail attire is meant to be fun.



Dress code that tends to pop up on invitations around the holidays, festive attire is similar to cocktail attire, but with a holiday bent for men that could be a holiday tie or bow tie.You could also do a fashion forward blazer in a bright color.Velvet blazers for men are very popular this season. Women this is the time to have a little fun opt for red, purple, pink or sapphire blue and add a holiday themed necklace or clutch. This is a great place to opt for the metallic trend specially the silver shine we are seeing this holiday season. Make sure you look is chic, stay away from holiday sweaters and holiday hats.


Work Related


For Men this is a dress code suggestion at many daytime semi-formal events (particularly work lunches and conferences), this dress code calls for a suit and tie if you are in a more formal industry or a shirt and blazer for a more creative industry. Do go for a grey or suit instead of black and use this opportunity to sport some pattern.

For Women a tailored dress or a pantsuit or skirt suit. Make sure you go with a very feminine blouse, as it is the holiday season. Color is a great way to stand out here,try red,sapphire blue or wine tones. The idea is to wear something business appropriate that also feels dressed-up. Your outfit is your real star here so keep your accessories sleek and simple.


Business Cocktail

For Men-This is pretty much the same as cocktail it calls for  dark suit with a tie.Again step up your accessories and shirt so it does not look like a normal work outfit.

For Women-This is pretty much the same as business,it is telling you not to wear anything too revealing or sexy as cocktail dresses can sometimes be.Again step up your attire with fun feminine and glam accessories.


Business Casual

For Men-A great pair of pants or chinos with a collared shirt, you can add a cashmere sweater in a fun color. No jeans and sneakers and do stay away from hoodies.

For Women-This is the opportunity to wear a fun top paired with a great pair of black pants or a pencil skirt. A simple sophisticated dress works just as well, pair it with a pastel cashmere cardigan and marijanes for this seasons key statement. Do sport a monochromatic dark floral print with pop color accessories.



Smart Casual

For Men-his dress code calls for a dressier version of your casual look.Dress up your favorite jeans with a blazer and leather sneakers. Pair a casual pant with dress shirt and boots. To find the perfect balance make sure at least one item in your outfit is from the dressier section of your closet.

For Women-Dress up your go-to pair of pants with a fun pair of shoes and a wow top. If you chose to wear jeans make sure they are not too distressed and mix them up with heels and a fun jacket. Your outfit should be all about comfort and confidence.




For both men and women this can end up being a minefield. It is best to stay away from team logo attire and sweats. If you keep in mind that after all this is an event,even if it is in someone’s home so put some effort in to your appearance. Do not wear the clothes that you lounge around in and the same time try not to look like you came straight from work. Your host wants you to be comfortable and focus on all the fun that is going to take place. So make sure your outfit does just that.



We are seeing more of these around the holiday’s parties, people love to be creative and add a special twist to their holiday event. Do wear something that reflects the theme of the evening as your host is putting a lot of effort into the decor, music and food. If the theme reflects a particular decade like 70’s disco or 50’s glam stay away from the costume shop and go with vintage clothing or contemporary clothing that reflects that era. Go more for tasteful than kitsch unless it is an ugly Christmas sweater party then by all means throw taste right out of the window.This is a big trend this holiday season and stores are full of amazing options.

Even if you are not into dressing up sport a couple of accessories that reflect the theme they will enable you to get in the spirit of the evening and have fun. A hat,earrings or a scarf that reflects the theme is usually a good bet.


 When in doubt always dress better than expected!