Win at the Game of Style

Style is a great game and just like any game it can be mastered,it takes insight,planning and practice.Here are 5 steps that can up your style game.

Step 1-Know the Game

Before you start planing the game you should know what the objectives are:

The Objectives are to Look

  • Confident
  • Beautiful
  • Pulled Together
  • Chic

While achieving this you should make it look Effortless and be Comfortable.

Step 2-Learn from the Women who are part of the Style Hall of Fame.

I have studied these women in great detail and these are the strategies that standout:

Great Style is the A List

  • Age Appropriate-they always dressed youthful but as they got older their style evolved.
  • Area Appropriate-they dressed for their surroundings and what they were doing from sailing to the red carpet.
    fits your environment
  • Anatomy Appropriate -they took in to consideration their best attributes and showcased them.
    dress for the body you have
  • Attitude-they always stayed true to this personality.
    – bring out your personality


Also once they found out what worked they stuck to it but they constantly updated a good example is Princess Diana’s hair it was always short but always current.

I often get asked to you have to be dead to be inducted in to the Style Hall of fame and the answer is yes,that way you cannot make any mistakes.It is ironic that these four women are most mentioned when it comes to being an inspiration to today’s women.The good news is there is a current group of women you can look to for inspiration who are proving to be grandmasters.


Step 3-Know your self-The Main Player

  • What are you playing with?
  • Your Strengths
  • Your  perceived Weakness

So know your body and what flatters you,take the time to find out what really looks good on you.

Ask your self the following questions:

  • What colors suit me the best?
  • What clothing do I feel the most comfortable in?
  • What clothing do I feel the most confident in?
  • What am I wearing when I receive the most compliments?
  • Whose sense of style do I identify most with?

This will help you ascertain your strengths and weaknesses,for example if you get a lot of compliments when you wear a short dress your legs are your asset so you know you should always showcase them.If everybody raves when you wear red,make that a signature color.Make sure you know what your body type is.Here is a quiz you can take.

Step 4-Get the Right Equipment

Just as any great athlete take the time to research and invest in the best equipment that works for you:

  • Clothes-The right pieces for your body type, personality and lifestyle.
  • Accessories-Get the best that you can afford specially for shoes and handbags Keep things classic and elegant
  • Hair and Make up-Keep it simple and easy to maintain but constantly update it do not get stuck in a particular decade

If you are not sure what flatters you check out this video.

Step 5-Come up with Winning Strategies

  • Find your key looks for each component of your like Travel,Work,Casual or Night on the town
  • Pull them together with the right accessories
  • Complement them with the right hair and make up
  • Practice them until you get them perfect

Here are some examples of Key Looks:

Your perfect 10;

This is an on point look that always gets you a perfect 10 when you wear it,it should be quintessentially you.

Your jack of all trades;

This is an outfit that can take you from day tonight with just switching out your accessories.You wear this on a really full,busy day to look effortless.

Your Queen of the Day;

This is your sexy sassy outfit that will make all the men in your life treat you like a queen.You bring this out when you need something done.Nothing wrong in using your feminine strength and charm.

The Ace up your sleeve;

This is your power wow outfit that makes you feel on top of the world.You wear this when you have a deal to close and it usually says”Don’t Mess with me Fellas”

With these simple strategies you can win at the game of style with a little effort and energy.