Dressing for Zoom!

The one thing we have left to dress for right now is our Zoom calls.Dressing for Zoom is slightly different than dressing for a normal work day.


What are the differences?

1.Offices tend to be a little more formal,it would be strange to be taking a Zoom call in a tailored suit from home.

2.Your outfit has to multitask as between calls you may be a cook, a teacher ,a referee or even a PE instructor.

3.The focus is on the top half but wearing something on the bottom does help.

4.Your look has to be professional and casual at the same time.

With a little planning and some last minute effort you can look sensational on your call


Here is how you do it.
  • Start with a great base outfit that embodies your shape and style.Make sure you Zoom outfit reflects how you normally dress for work
  •  Keep it Simple-no fussy detail or lines
  •  Make it Streamlined-great fabric that does not wrinkle
  • Monochromatic-dark colors in rich tones of blue, red, pink, grey and black look best
  • Comfortable- fits your body, elastic waistbands and styles that drape without cling


What to avoid at all costs
  • Busy prints-they can pixelate on camera and are distracting
  • Stiff fabrics-can wrinkle and pull
  • Green and Yellow-unless you have a great tan they can wash you out
  • Ill-fitting and Tight clothing-If you are uncomfortable people can sense it


Once you have your outfit on look in the mirror and make sure it meets the following criteria

It should do the following

  • Make you feel Confident
  • Look Beautiful
  • Be Pulled Together
  • Read Chic
  • Flattering to you on camera,do a quick check on your computer or phone


Just before your call-set an alarm 5 minutes before start time and do the following

CHANGE OUT OR ADD ONE ITEM-this elevates your all day look a notch

  • Replace a tee shirt with soft dressy top
  • Add a jacket or a cardigan for instant polish

ADD AN ACCESSORYthis gives your look a little more polish,never add sunglasses or hair accessories they can be distracting

  • Put on a flattering necklace
  • Add some interesting earrings
  • Add a scarf close to your neck

TIP-you can balance your face shape and complement it by adding a necklace that hits your flattering neck point here is how.


APPLY A TOUCH OF COLOR-it is unrealistic to be walking around you house with a full face of makeup so..

Apply a touch of muted eyeshadow

Add a sharp lipstick in an appropriate color(stay away from red)

Dust your cheeks with a soft blush

or just add a filter to your camera



Check your background or create one on Zoom

Make sure your lighting is right,it should be to the side of you or in front never behind YOU

Check your microphone



Happy Zooming




The Perfect Fall Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps!

As we head to the Fall and dream about having that perfect wardrobe.The one that is fully integrated  and well edited that epitomizes your style and fully covers all your needs yet manages to look fresh and exciting every time you step out.

Some swear it is just an urban myth and is impossible but with these 5 easy steps you can attain  wardrobe nirvana.The biggest mistake people make is buying one offs,a cute top or a great outfit or some divine shoes and when you bring it home and add it to your closet it just does not give you a cohesive wardrobe.My definition of a dream wardrobe is one that you can get dressed completely in the dark and when you step out into the light you look like a million bucks.

This is the perfect time to do a little planning,Fall is not quite here but we pretty much know what is coming in the next two weeks.Here is what you need to do.

Step 1-Be honest about your body and lifestyle.

As we age our body shape often changes so does it if you have lost or gained more that 15 pounds your shape changes.It is important to dress the body you have,not the body you have or the body you plan to have.Take a few minutes to measure yourself and confirm your body type.Here is a cheat sheet to help you.

Be honest about your lifestyle,if you work from home buying a whole lot of dresses and suits is not going to help.Take stock of what you wear 80% of the time.Do not buy something because you friend is wearing it and loves it.

Step 2-Stick to a Color Story

For the majority of what you wear stick to 4 complimentary shades and work with them.This allows for optimal mixing and matching.For the Fall I like mixing two dark tones with a mid tone and an accent.If you are a print person do add one great print.You can have a color story for work and another for casual if you like.Here are some on trend color stories for Fall 2019.

Step 3- Go for Quality and Fit over Quantity

As Americans we love variety but here is where we should take a lesson from our European sisters.French women tend to have less but it fits them perfectly and is the very best quality they can afford.This is very important when it comes to Outerwear,Bags and Shoes.Quality pieces tend to last longer so in the long run they actually cost less.

Step 4-Create your Core or Foundation

Just like a great house begins with a foundation your wardrobe is built on core pieces or essentials.These are the work horses of you wardrobe that multi task in many outfits.Depending on your lifestyle you may have different core pieces.Make a list of what your items are and make sure you have them,that they fit and are in good condition.Create a checklist and if you do not have it make sure you acquire these pieces first.Here is an example for a professional who works in a casual office.

You should add some on trend fashion tops to balance out your selection.The general rule is that you should have 3 top options for every bottom.Make sure these pieces flatter you really well,if not go out and get a piece that does,here are some guidelines.

Step 5-Work with your Budget

The best way to do it is to follow the 80/20 Rule. 80% of your funds go to carefully planned items to fill your wardrobe gaps.The balance 20% goes towards impulse buys,whims and sales.Here are 10 wardrobe basics that are always in style and give you the best bang for your buck.


So with these five simple steps,a little planning and some smart shopping with a dose of self control you can have an amazing wardrobe.






5 tips to find your perfect bag-most read post

We all know that have the perfect handbag polishes your outfit and makes your life easy and effortless.It is an effective way to enhance even the simplest outfit and your figure.Here are 5 simple tips to set you on the road to finding your dream bag.

Buying the right bag.

1.How does it look?

Just because  it is the most exquisite think you have ever seen,it does not qualify it to be your handbag.Try it on as you would a dress in front of a full length mirror.Look at it from every angle,making sure it compliments your shape and personality.Remember that you are the star of your show and your bag is your supporting player.

The bag should be in proportion to your height and figure(shape).Here are a few pointers.

If you are petite,look for shorter handles or adjustable straps,you do not want it to hang too low on your body.Make sure it fits everything you need without being too big.If you are tall make sure than handbag does not sit too high on your body and is proportionate for your frame.An overly structured bag can be hard to pull off and pay a lot of attention to your evening bags.If you are curvy,structured bags work best and be more bold in your choices.

Here is a simple chart to show which bags complement your body type.


If you are not sure of your body type here is a tool to help you.

The bag should also fit your personality.make sure it expresses who you are.

2.How does it feel?

If you love shoulder bags,make sure the strap is a width that sits comfortably on your shoulder and does not dig in.Walk around a bit and see if the strap slips.Does the bag sit well under your arm.Make sure the metal hardware does not rub in to your body.Ask the store clerk if you can put your stuff in the bag and make sure it is not too heavy.Your handbag should not exceed 8% of your body weight.For example if you weigh a 150lbs you bag when full should not exceed 12lbs.One of the most common causes of back and shoulder pain among women is the weight of their handbag.

3.Will it keep me organized?

Check to make sure your wallet,cell phone and keys are all quickly accessible as those are the 3 things that you use the most.Nothing is more unstylish than a woman digging around in her handbag or emptying the entire contents to find something.When buying a day bag make sure it is secure and prevents items from being lost or stolen.When buying an evening bag make sure it fits all your needs.There is nothing worse that having to carry a cell phone and an evening bag in the same hand.

4.Does it fit your lifestyle?

Think about when and where you will use your bag.If you commute to work by public transportation you will want a sturdy bag that is weather resistant.If you spend a long time in a car you may want a bag that sits up so that the contents can be easily accessed.If you spend a lot of your time with kids you will need a hands free bag.Darker hues,treated leather and nylon bags stand up better to daily wear.

5.How does it compliment my clothing wardrobe?

Make sure the color and style of you bag compliments your wardrobe.You should have tones that match for work and tones that contrast for casual and fun options.If you wardrobe is all neutral get a great tan or brown for day a red for casual and a print for evening.Always remember your bag should not distract from your outfit but enhance it.


Your bag wardrobe

Ideally it should be tons of options that complement your clothing but there are 5 main categories that you should have in your closet.

The casual day bag-this is your bag for your days off,this is your fun bag that works well with jeans.Go for a shade that pops and a style that elevates any casual outfit.Messengers,hobos,bucket and drawstring bags work well in this category.

The structured day bag-this is your work bag,it must be versatile and organized.Go for a rich neutral shade like black,brown or tan.make sure it has polish and goes well with dressier clothes.

The tote bag-this is essential for when you are carrying a lot specially your computer.Structure,stitching and hardware elevate this bag.This bag will prevent you from having to carry multiple bags.

The evening bag-this bag is more of a statement but make sure it holds all that you need.Black,silver and gold are great colors.This is one place where you can buy a piece that makes you swoon.

The seasonal trend-this is for the true fashionista,it is fun,fabulous and fashion forward.It is a little bit of a conversation piece and a show stopper.Here are some of Spring’s Top Trends for 2019.



So have fun finding your perfect purse companion!

♥ Sunil


Dress Codes Explained!

Invitations to Holiday Events start arriving right after Halloween.Many invitations specify a dress code.Here are some of the common dress codes I am seeing this season broken down for you to easily understand.There are 3 types of events you may be invited to each one requires that you dress appropriately.

Formal and Semi Formal

Black Tie

For Men-It is clear you have to wear a tuxedo.Make sure you rent one asap,rentals can get scarce around this season.Also pair it with the right accessories.

For Women-If it is a high-end wedding or a charity gala it requires you to wear a gown. If it is a work related function like an awards dinner you can wear a formal cocktail dress but make sure you accessorize it to the hilt. Your hair and makeup should be elegant and elevated at the same time. If you have any doubts, the best way to figure out what to wear, is to dress according to what you expect the hostess to wear. Do go online and look at the space and pictures of prior events.Social media coverage from last year’s event is the best place to get a lot of visual cues. This will guide you to select the best option.If you do not want to buy a gown you can easily rent one.




Black Tie Optional or Creative Black Tie

For Men-One of the murkier dress codes, men are given the option of either wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit and a tie or bowtie. If you chose to wear a suit make sure it is with a white shirt and step up your accessories specially your shoes.

For Women-The Dress code is a little more open here, you can wear anything from a long dress to a fun cocktail number. If you opt for pants make sure you pair them with a very extravagant top. Think of it like this: You aren’t expected to look as if you’re en route the Oscars, but you should still make an effort to dazzle. Hair, makeup and accessories should be stepped up and try and wear the highest heel you are comfortable with.




For Men-For guys, this dress code calls for a dark suit preferably with a tie,stripes and plaids are great. This is an opportunity to have some fun with your shirt adding print, color or texture. Dress it up with a fun pocket square.

For Women, short dresses that are party-ready. If you feel like wearing separates go for a pencil skirt or cigarette pant with a lace or beaded top. Stay away from a traditional suit but try a velvet jumpsuit or tuxedo with statement accessories for a more fun look with a little edge. When in doubt, wear a little black dress or a little red dress and dress it up with fantastic jewelry and over the top shoes.. Cocktail attire is meant to be fun.A lace dress is perfect this season.




Dress code that tends to pop up on invitations around the holidays, festive attire is similar to cocktail attire, but with a holiday bent, for men that could be a holiday tie or bow tie.You could also do a fashion forward blazer in a bright color.Velvet blazers for men are very popular this season. Women this is the time to have a little fun opt for red, purple, pink or sapphire blue and add a holiday themed necklace or clutch. This is a great place to opt for the metallic trend specially the silver shine we are seeing this holiday season. Make sure you look is glamourous, stay away from holiday sweaters and holiday hats.


If you are planning to buy a dress this season make sure you read this post  https://sunilr.com/find-your-perfect-dress/


Work Related


For Men this is a dress code suggestion at many daytime semi-formal events (particularly work lunches and conferences), this dress code calls for a suit and tie if you are in a more formal industry or a shirt and blazer for a more creative industry. Do go for a grey or suit instead of black and use this opportunity to sport some pattern.

For Women a tailored dress or a pantsuit or skirt suit. Make sure you go with a very feminine blouse, as it is the holiday season. Color is a great way to stand out here,try red,sapphire blue or wine tones. The idea is to wear something business appropriate that also feels dressed-up. Your outfit is your real star here so keep your accessories sleek and simple.


Business Cocktail

For Men-This is pretty much the same as cocktail it calls for  dark suit with a tie.Again step up your accessories and shirt so it does not look like a normal work outfit.

For Women-This is pretty much the same as business,it is telling you not to wear anything too revealing or sexy as cocktail dresses can sometimes be.Again step up your attire with fun feminine and glam accessories.


Business Casual

For Men-A great pair of pants or chinos with a collared shirt, you can add a cashmere sweater in a fun color. No jeans and sneakers and do stay away from hoodies.

For Women-This is the opportunity to wear a fun top paired with a great pair of black pants or a pencil skirt. A simple sophisticated dress works just as well, pair it with a pastel cashmere cardigan and marijanes for this seasons key statement. Do sport a monochromatic dark floral print with pop color accessories.


Smart Casual

For Men-his dress code calls for a dressier version of your casual look.Dress up your favorite jeans with a blazer and leather sneakers. Pair a casual pant with dress shirt and boots. To find the perfect balance make sure at least one item in your outfit is from the dressier section of your closet.

For Women-Dress up your go-to pair of pants with a fun pair of shoes and a wow top. If you chose to wear jeans make sure they are not too distressed and mix them up with heels and a fun jacket. Your outfit should be all about comfort and confidence.


Social-Friends and Family


For both men and women this can end up being a minefield. It is best to stay away from team logo attire and sweats. If you keep in mind that after all this is an event,even if it is in someone’s home so put some effort in to your appearance. Do not wear the clothes that you lounge around in and the same time try not to look like you came straight from work. Your host wants you to be comfortable and focus on all the fun that is going to take place. So make sure your outfit does just that.



We are seeing more of these around the holiday’s parties, people love to be creative and add a special twist to their holiday event. Do wear something that reflects the theme of the evening as your host is putting a lot of effort into the decor, music and food. If the theme reflects a particular decade like 70’s disco or 50’s glam stay away from the costume shop and go with vintage clothing or contemporary clothing that reflects that era. Go more for tasteful than kitsch unless it is an ugly Christmas sweater party then by all means throw taste right out of the window.This is a big trend this holiday season and stores are full of amazing options.


Even if you are not into dressing up sport a couple of accessories that reflect the theme they will enable you to get in the spirit of the evening and have fun. A hat,earrings or a scarf that reflects the theme is usually a good bet.



 When in doubt always dress better than expected!

How to dress in this insane weather!

I am sure you are experiencing what happened to me this saturday,the day started out as a nice Spring day at 55 degrees,by lunchtime it was Summer a very warm 80 degrees but by 6 pm we had dropped down to a very Wintery 38 degrees.

How can anyone dress for this insane weather?

Follow these simple 5 steps to stay fashionable,chic and comfortable no matter how much the temperature fluctuates.

1.Choose your base layer wisely.

Most people think no one is going to see it so why bother and then it get to a really hot and have to strip down.Your first layer should be

  • Soft,absorbent and great feeling against your skin.Cotton,Merino and Cashmere are all great fabrics for a base layer.camis and T Shirts that fit well are the key.
  • Have a close to the body fit and can stand alone if needed.Leggings and Tights are are great under pants.
  • Be in a skin flattering color.
2.Your layers should work together.
  • Your next layer should be easy on,easy off to not destroy hair and make up.Zip and button fronts work really well,as to cowls and deep necklines.
  • Your pieces should all have the same feel or spirit working together and standing alone.Make sure they all have the same mood.
  • Lay out all the pieces on the bed and do a quick check before you put them on.
3.Create interesting color stories.
  • Stick to the same color family with one pop color.
  • If you choose to go monochromatic mix up your textures or else your outfit will look flat.
4.Pay attention to fit.
  • Every layer should be figure flattering,as you go up make sure each layer is slightly bigger.
  • Opt for a jacket or a poncho that can layer well and look good.The good news is technical innovations in fabric and construction have created jackets that are super warm and thin at the same time.They are pricey but worth the investment.Look for a more classic style that will not go out of date.Make sure it folds easily.
5.Make sure you have a large tote.
  • Fold the pieces you take off and put them in the bag.Remember that you may need them again.

With these simple steps you can survive mother nature and remember….