How to dress in this insane weather!

I am sure you are experiencing what happened to me this saturday,the day started out as a nice Spring day at 55 degrees,by lunchtime it was Summer a very warm 80 degrees but by 6 pm we had dropped down to a very Wintery 38 degrees.

How can anyone dress for this insane weather?

Follow these simple 5 steps to stay fashionable,chic and comfortable no matter how much the temperature fluctuates.

1.Choose your base layer wisely.

Most people think no one is going to see it so why bother and then it get to a really hot and have to strip down.Your first layer should be

  • Soft,absorbent and great feeling against your skin.Cotton,Merino and Cashmere are all great fabrics for a base layer.camis and T Shirts that fit well are the key.
  • Have a close to the body fit and can stand alone if needed.Leggings and Tights are are great under pants.
  • Be in a skin flattering color.
2.Your layers should work together.
  • Your next layer should be easy on,easy off to not destroy hair and make up.Zip and button fronts work really well,as to cowls and deep necklines.
  • Your pieces should all have the same feel or spirit working together and standing alone.Make sure they all have the same mood.
  • Lay out all the pieces on the bed and do a quick check before you put them on.
3.Create interesting color stories.
  • Stick to the same color family with one pop color.
  • If you choose to go monochromatic mix up your textures or else your outfit will look flat.
4.Pay attention to fit.
  • Every layer should be figure flattering,as you go up make sure each layer is slightly bigger.
  • Opt for a jacket or a poncho that can layer well and look good.The good news is technical innovations in fabric and construction have created jackets that are super warm and thin at the same time.They are pricey but worth the investment.Look for a more classic style that will not go out of date.Make sure it folds easily.
5.Make sure you have a large tote.
  • Fold the pieces you take off and put them in the bag.Remember that you may need them again.

With these simple steps you can survive mother nature and remember….