How to get a perfect Wardrobe!


Winter is firmly with us but in the stores Spring is starting to make an appearance,you are also starting to get your Spring catalogs from your stylists.Before you start shopping for your new wardrobe,it is good to take a minute to establish what your body shape is and how to dress and accessorize it.Your body changes over time and I recommend you review this before the Fall and Spring seasons. This will help you make the right decisions when  planning and purchasing your new pieces.

Now is the time to refresh your knowledge and remeasure your self.Remember it is important to dress the body you have right now, not the one you had 3 years ago or the one you plan to have next year.It is also important to express your self and make sure your wardrobe reflects who you are as a person. Do not define your self by your body shape as we are all truly unique but use it to find what is flattering.You are one of a kind just like a fabulous masterpiece.Just like any great masterpiece you need the right frame that will flatter and show case you.Here are some important steps you can take to plan and execute on a perfect wardrobe this Fall.

Step 1-Measure your Self.

Step 2-Determine your Body type.

Step 3-Define your sense of Style.


Step 4- Find what is Flattering to you.


Step 5- Plan your Wardrobe and Start Shopping!

If you are more verbal than visual you can create shopping index cards with the color,type of item and price.


With a little effort and energy you can have a fabulous new wardrobe.
♥ Sunil

You can download a PDF with all the worksheets below