Know your Body Type?

In the cold days of January some of us are planning to change our body thru diet and exercise and some of us are planning to dress our body in the latest Spring fashions that are being previewed right now.I am a firm believer that you should always dress the body you have right now and in order to do that you should first ascertain your body type.Here is a simple sheet that can help.


Current research is showing that there are close to 12 different body shapes out there but a majority of women fall in to the 7 body shapes listed below for each body shape I have given a brief do’s and don’ts.These are just suggestions based on my experiences working with all kinds of women over the last 30 years.The only rule is to is know that you are truly unique and beautiful and it is all about loving what you have and rocking it.

These are just guidelines to help you showcase and understand your uniquely beautiful body.So have fun with this and just know something’s may be better for you and others may be better left alone.

This most common body type close to 40% of women rock this shape.

This is the most desired body shape by both men and women.

Dolly Parton celebrates this shape in song


Fashion loves your body shape

May be one of the more challenging body shapes to dress but looks amazing when done right.

Well as they say you are destined to catch someone’s eye.You do find tall Apples but it is most common among petite women.

One of the least common body types but fun to dress.

I have expanded the usual 5 body types that I work with and included more details to make it easier to understand.

So have fun with trying some new things as your body shape changes and getting rid of some old things that no longer flatter you.I believe clothes are the frame for the masterpiece that is you,every masterpiece deserves the best frame.So take the time and energy to find your best frame.

♥ Sunil