Rock your Curves

Rock Curves5 Tips to showcase your Curves

If you are blessed with beautiful curves, here are 5 simple tips to make sure you are showcasing them in the best light.

1. Always wear clothing that FITS CORRECTLY. Clothing that is too big or too small is not your friend.Do make a tailor your best friend to ensure that everything is just right.

2. Invest in GOOD FABRICS that drape with out clinging. It is okay to have fewer items to ensure you get the best fabric.

3. Do not be afraid of COLOR.Use color, print and pattern to showcase your best figure features.

4. Buy GREAT FOUNDATION GARMENTS.A good bra and smoothing underwear will boost your figure and help clothing hang properly. Invest in high end shapewear that will create a fabulous foundation to build on.

5. ACCESSORIZE;your shape was made your statement pieces.Wear 2 or 3 necklaces at once and go for big earrings. Dramatic bags and shoes frame your curves to perfection.


Remember your Curves are a Gift from God

♥ Sunil