Be Inspired!

Sometimes a picture is worth a million words and a simple quote can tell a story.

To keep myself inspired I fill my walls with pictures,cuttings from magazines,fashion illustrations and quotes from great designers.

Here are 5 of my all time favorites for you to print and hang in your work place or closet.It is great to share some with friends who need fashion boost so I left some room for you to write a personal message and share on their Facebook page or mail it to them.

Always be inspired by Fashion it is Fabulous and a Great Anti Depressant with no side effects (except for huge credit card bills).

Always be inspired and inspire others with fashion
♥ Sunil

For the Shoe Lover

Quote 5


For the Diva

Quote 4

For the Fashionista

QUOTE 1 copy

For the Sassy Girl

Quote 3

For the Goddess

Quote 2