How to Master Patriotic Style!

We are all patriots especially this close to the Independence day weekend.This is the one time a year that I get a little carried away and indulge in some red,white and blue mania.Being an immigrant whose journey to citizenship was pretty arduous,I never take this day for granted.I am very proud to call this country my home.

In terms of fashion,it is hard to wear red,white and blue with out looking like a walking ,talking American flag.It is such a fine line between creating a fabulous fashion forward patriotic look or ending up with something that looks like it escaped from a 4th of July parade.To find the right balance I looked to the stars of movies and music for inspiration.

So if you are in the mood for  displaying some all out 4th of July madness or just a subtle hint of your patriotic spirit.Here are 5 tips to do it right.

White is such a clean refreshing palette to base you out fit on.It is cool crisp and comfortable.Finish it off with a touch of red and blue.

Picking one motif and making it your central theme,creates a look that is sophisticated and polished,take a cue from these celebrities and create just one focal point to your outfit.Mix this with two classic american fabrics,chambray and denim.

Nothing falls flat in terms of fashion like having a flag across your chest or worse across your butt.Designers are coming up with fresh takes on the flag.Look for muted,graphic and modern takes on Betsy Ross’s creation.

There are so many fabulous accessories out there that feature the flag.Go for a great head to toe white,red or blue outfit and then punch it with a flag bag or shoe.Subtle but very effective in creating a stylish outfit.

With all the creativity that is going on with nails,this is the place to go crazy.So get some patriotic nail art and pair with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of jeans to get the ultimate understood wow outfit.

But the main thing to remember is to celebrate what an amazing country we are because it is our diversity that makes us so great.

Happy Independence Day

♥ Sunil


Find the right shades!

The key to looking fab this summer while protecting your eyes is to find the right pair of sunglasses.Here are the three things you must keep in mind when shopping for your perfect pair.

Face Flattery

The shape of your frame must flatter your face.There are four common face shapes,Oval,Round,Square and Heart.If you are not sure of your face shape,the simplest way to find out  is look in your bathroom mirror, make sure your hair is pulled back and trace around your face with a piece of soap. Step away and you will see your face shape.

If your face is oval

Wear a frame that is wider than the broadest part of your face.

Keep the overall size in balance with your face.

Lucky you most shapes will flatter your face.

Look to Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé for inspiration,they all have oval faces.

If your face is round

Oversize, Rectangular and Angular Frames offset your roundness.Try a statement frame.

Be inspired by Michelle Williams and Selena Gomez.

Your face can take strong details and fun color.

If your face is Square

Circular frames are the best for you and do avoid hard edges.

Make sure you balance your face shape.

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are your role models.

Go for soft colors and tonal lenses.

If your face is heart shaped

Rimless frames and Aviators work best to compliment wide cheekbones.

You can go for some of the glamorous oversized Hollywood type frames.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are your go to girls for inspiration.

Overall stick to colors that look best in clothing  and translate that in to sunglasses. Pay attention to how they work with your hair color as well.Here is a visual representation of the most common face shapes.


When looking at how they fit make sure that they do not slide down the nose and cause and pinching or discomfort.They should stay on when you turn your face from side to side.Look at the side view,the arms should fit nicely behind your ears.Some of this can be adjusted but you are better off picking a close to perfect pair to start with.


Sunglass trends come and go.Some are classics and have been around forever.You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Aviators or a statement Cat eye.Sunglasses are away to update your summer look fairly easily and can dress up a simple pair of shorts and a tank instantly.

Here are this summers big trends.

This is a classic trend and worth the investment.New lens colors to look for are blue and yellow.

A favorite of Hollywood Divas,this trend has been around since the 1950’s and is just as strong today.

Not for the wall flower this is all about more is better.Some of them look like works of art and are embellished with flowers,butterflies and stones.

A twist on the aviator this new trend is here to stay,an additional bar mimics a bold brow adding drama to your face.

Our love of Starwars and Super Hero movies have given rise to this trend.They look like futuristic goggles ready for virtual reality and could easily be in a Bond film.This is the trend for all you fashionistas out there.

Think of your sunglasses as the cherry on a sundae,your outfit can be totally awesome but the right pair of shades puts it just over the top like a cherry does to ice cream.



“Remember your eyes are your windows to your soul so frame them in style.”
♥ Sunil

Time for Shorts!


Shorts season is upon us as store windows in NYC are full of them.Some of you love them and others hate them.For a lot of women finding the right pair of shorts can be challenging.Shorts are now a Summer fashion staple and a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.They are versatile,simple and so comfortable as the temperature rises.

Here are some simple tips to help you find the right pair of shorts and then to rock them.

1.Make sure they fit-

They should be comfortable.The waist band should sit smooth and flat.There should not be any bunching in the rise and they should not cut in to your leg at the hem.The shorts should never end at the widest part of your thigh.Always make sure they sit below that point in you are tall or above that point if you are petite.Check the rear view,they should not pull across your hip and the top of the waist band should sit against the curve of your back.Plumbers crack is not sexy so if you are seeing some,the rise is too short for you.

2.Find the right style that flatters your body type-

Apple-Look for slightly shorter options with higher waists.Keep details and embellishment to a minimum,stay away from prints.No waistband flat front styles in a stretch fabric work best for you.Do not tuck in your top under any circumstances.The key to pulling off shorts for you is to showcase your legs.Always wear them with wedges or a sandal with a small heel.Always wear your shorts with statement sunglasses,you will be amazed on how it will elongate you.

Pear-Look for shorts that are roomy in the thigh.Aline shorts in dark colors work best for you.Try longer Bermuda or Boyfriend shorts that skim your hips and thighs are very flattering.Culottes and Skorts are a great option for you as well.Do wear slightly longer length tops in prints and bright colors with them.Pair them with a nude shoe and complete your look with statement earrings or a great scarf.

Pencil-Your goal is to add curves to your lower half.So paper bag shorts,bubble shorts and ruffle shorts are all perfect for you.You have the body shape that can rock a romper.Do not be afraid to show off your long legs.Prints,textures and pocket details all flatter you.Make sure you always wear it with a blousy top tucked in and cute ballet flats.

Hourglass-Your body was made to rock shorts,nothing is off limits to you but make sure that your top is tucked in and your waist is always showcased.Wider contoured waistbands and waist detailing will always flatter you.Do opt for bright colors and prints.Shorts look best on you when paired with an open toe sandal.

Strawberry-Mid length shorts work best for you.Prints and bright colors will help balance your top.Cargo shorts and Embellished shorts are the most figure flattering.Do pair them with dark top and bright shoes.Accessorize with lots of cuffs and even a cocktail ring.

If you are not sure of your body type here is a quick cheat sheet.

3.It is all about balance-

The key to pulling of shorts in style is to balance your bottom with your top.Do not wear long tops with shorter length shorts.Pair longer length shorts with a tank or a tee,never a long sleeve shirt.

If your shorts and fitted and shorter wear them with a top that has volume.If your shorts are loose and baggy wear them with a fitted tank or camisole.

Anchor your look with the right accessories.Shoes are the most important.If you are not sure on how to anchor your look here is a post on the best accessories for your body type.

No matter what body shape you have,you can look amazing in shorts as long as you know what works best with your frame and you rock the hell out of them.Attitude is everything.

Here is a quick cheat sheet that you can take shopping with you.


As the words of a well known song go“She has legs and she knows how to use them”

♥ Sunil


Time for Dresses!

for details on Pleated Mesh Dress

Yes, we can finally taste the sweetness of Summer. It is unofficially here and giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Some things she brings are amazing: late sunsets, hanging out on the deck or porch, and a bounty of fabulous fruit and flowers. She also brings heat and humidity which makes you want to lose all those layers you have been wearing. One thing you should never ever shed is your sense of style.

The answer to looking fresh and chic all summer is to invest in a great dress. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. It is so versatile, you can dress it up or down, so going from the beach to dinner is as simple as switching out your sandals to pumps and adding a great necklace. Nobody likes going home to change in the summer, so just throw some accessories into your beach bag, and when the time comes, “Presto!” you go from day to night.

2. It is really quick to put on. You can get all the kids dressed, ready, and into the car, and give yourself just 30 seconds to get ready and actually look like you spent time on your look. They are really easy to get into, even when space is tight, so enable you to be a quick-change artist.

3. It serves as a great cover-up for your bathing suit, and is so easy to get out of at the pool or beach. The great thing is, you can take it off while keeping your shoes on.

to check out this go to Details for Tunic Dress

4. Dresses can keep you cool, they allow air to circulate and move with the breeze. They are relaxed and have a certain amount of ease to them. All of this enables you to not look like a “hot mess” even though you may sometimes feel like one.

5. Finally: they are so universally figure-flattering. There are dresses out there that flatter every body type. Here is what you need to look for:

Hourglass – Your goal is to highlight your curves – Do not hide them. Look for dresses that emphasize your waist. Fabric is very important – Soft fabrics that drape well are your best bet. When wearing a woven dress, make sure you add a belt. The best dresses for you are fitted sheath dresses and wrap dresses.

details for Wrap Dress

Apple – The key is to minimize your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs. Long is never an option for you; stay at the knee or slightly below. The good news is that there are dresses out there that have built-in shaping that can totally enhance your figure. Check out this one. Shift dresses and fit-and-flare dresses that create a waist are what you need to rock.


Pencil – Create curves by highlighting your bust and hips. Fuller-bottom dresses are your best option. Softer fabrics like chiffon and Georgette will create soft volume on top and the bottom for balance. Flutter sleeve dresses are the best trends for you right now.

Pear – Your goal is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half. Off-the-shoulder dresses with fluid bottoms work best for you. A trend out there that you should check out is color-blocked dresses – Opt for ones that are light on the top and dark on the bottom. Seaming can enhance your figure as well – especially princess seams. Here is one with details that will flatter you.



Strawberry – An open neckline and nipped waist are what make a dress perfect for you. Keep detailing on top to a minimum. Hip details like peplums and draping will help balance out your figure. Choose fabrics with movement. Peplum dresses should be your “go to” this summer.

If you are not sure about your body type, here is a quick cheat sheet.

This post is in partnership with Ruby Ribbon who have asked me to create content for their stylists and customers to entertain and educate. To find out more about Ruby Ribbon go to

So this Summer, “Always dress well, but keep it simple.”

Follow this advice and you will never be a hot mess.

♥, Sunil

Hats On!

With the Kentucky Derby being run today, we are now in prime hat season.Hats are an underrated accessory because a lot of people feel they are old fashioned and cumbersome.Hats keep you cool,protect your skin from the sun and most of all add drama to a your outfit.There is nothing more mysterious and alluring to a man than a woman in a hat.

Here are the top trends in hats this season.

A classic has been updated by signature over sized proportions,color and messaging bring newness.This is the perfect trend if you are looking to avoid the paparazzi and stay in the shade.Best for the beach or a bad hair day.

Stripes are such a big trend this Summer that they found their way in to hats.Look for horizontal,and diagonal stripes in bold colors.They look best when paired with a solid outfit.Perfect for a day at the races or just a stroll on the beach.

The humble baseball cap has been given a major makeover this season by Gucci,Moschino,Chanel and Ellie Saab.They are beaded,decorated with crystals and embellished with leather and suede.To mix them with girly dresses or pair them with classic jeans and a white teeshirt.

The Fedora usually makes an appearance in the fall but designers are having a love affair with this hat right now and have reinvented it in straw for the summer.This is the sexiest hat a woman can wear,so if you choose to don it get ready for a lot of attention.

Cocktail hats were all the rage in the 1930’s and we can thank the collaboration between the House of Dior and Stephen Jones this Spring that brought back them  back to the forefront.They are part hat,fascinator and head band all merged in to one.The only function they serve is to add tons of drama and attention to your look.Perfect for the belle of the ball it is  not trend for the wall flower,so close wisely.They are perfect to wear to a summer wedding or if you feel like it to the local supermarket.

Now that you know all the trends how about finding the right”Chapeau for you”

Finding the right topper for you

When it comes to rocking the perfect topper knowledge is power. With a little “hatucation”you will be able to confidently select the perfect hat.

Hat Anatomy

Hat Anatomy is simple: the two main parts of a hat are the crown and the brim. The crown is what sits at the top, while the brim is the part that sticks out. Both of these matters when picking out the right hat for your face shape.

Finding your face shape

This is the main consideration in finding the right hat. Simply look in your bathroom mirror with your hair pulled back and trace around your face with a piece of soap. Step away and see your face shape

Round face
The goal is to elongate your face while balancing it. Go for a higher crown and a wider brim. A wide brim sun hat or fedora works best for you

Oval face
This shape is the most flattering and symmetrical, making it the facial equivalent of the hourglass body shape. Most hats will look great on you!
The hat world is your oyster have fun trying on all styles

Square face
Elongate your face by choosing a hat that sits high on your forehead. Choose a color that flatters your eyes and keep make up simple. Your top picks would be stylish berets and rounder style hats.

Heart shaped face
Mid-sized brims work to keep your face more balanced. Experiment with your hat tilted slightly to the side. Go for upturned brims and decorative details.

Once you have discovered your face shape take time shopping and try on lots of options. Keep in mind some simple Dos and DON’Ts:


  1. Factor in your personality; your hat is an expression of who you are!
  2. Make sure your hat has a snug, but not a too tight fit.
  3. Keep your hair and make up simple when wearing a hat.
  4. Choose your hat to match your outfit: dressy outfits call for simple elegant hats and simple outfits can take a dramatic chapeau.
  5. Use your hat to enhance your body shape:If you are petite a hat can add a couple of inches of height.Curvy women can balance their proportions with a larger, wide brimmed hat.


  1. Let the brim cover your eyes unless you want to be incognito.
  2. Wear the hat on the back of your head so it falls off every 5 minutes.
  3. Wear it back to front especially with baseball caps unless you are under the age of 16.
  4. Go crazy with fearthers, sequins and tulle unless you are going to the Kentucky Derby then by all means.
  5. Carry it in your hand all the time; it is a hat not a purse.
    “So have some fun this summer and add a hat to your wardrobe”

♥ Sunil