Capri Chic!

If you are about to give up on capris because you think they make you look frumpy, hold on and read this. Capris have developed a terrible reputation lately that is not quite deserved. (We can thank some shoppers at a certain chain store for that, but I am not going there.)

For you fashion buffs, capri pants were introduced by designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948. The pants name derives from the Italian isle of Capri where they rose to popularity in the 1950’s. The Isle of Capri is a tiny sun-drenched island off the coast of Naples that is irresistible to both royalty and movie stars. Grace Kelly is credited for wearing the pants on the island and creating major fashion hysteria. Sophia Lauren and Brigitte Bardot have both filmed movies on the island that featured this pant in a prominent role. They became very popular in the U.S. in the 1960’s after Mary Tyler Moore’s character on the Dick Van Dyke Show made them a major part of her fashion repertoire, and created quite a scandal for wearing a very snug white pair.

So let’s take our style cues from the divine Isle of Capri and the fashion hall of famers that rocked them, to help you find the right pair and look totally fabulous rocking it. Here is what I learned from watching Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sofia Lauren and Brigitte Bardot look irresistible in them.

So here are the lessons I have learned.

1. Find the right ones that flatter your figure.

2. Pair them with the right mates

3. Channel your inner movie star diva and strut your stuff.

Finding the ones that flatter your figure – 4 points to look at in order of importance.

  1. Length – Do not wear pants that end at mid-calf (which for most people is the widest part of your lower leg). If you are short, make sure it sits above that point, and if you are tall, make sure it goes below it. Make a tailor your friend, or simply roll them up.
  2. Width of the leg – Make sure the leg opening sits as close to your leg as possible without cutting in for a knit capri, or slightly away for a woven one. Avoid wide-leg pants unless you are tall. Tapered and straight legs look good on most people.
  3. Waist – Go for a higher waist if you are short, as that will lengthen your leg, and lower if you have a long torso. Keep waist details clean and simple. Make sure the pants do not dig in, creating a muffin top. Ruby Ribbon’s smoothing technology comes in handy here.
  4. Hem detail – A simple clean hem works in most cases, but if you are a Pear or Strawberry shape, you can benefit from some detailing. Hem detailing moves the eye down the body, elongating you and taking the attention away from the midsection. Check out the Ruched capri leggings from Ruby Ribbon.


Paring them with the right mates

Shoes – Shoes can make or break you rocking your look, so pay close attention. The color and style of your shoe are equally important. The best color to extend your leg is nude – and that is the number one choice of celebs when wearing capris. If you are not a fan of nude, choose the same color as your pant. Only wear a contrasting color if you are 5’6″ or taller. As for shoe styles: wedges, low-cut sandals with a heel, ballet flats and pointy toe pumps look best with capris. Avoid wearing them with flip-flops or boots at all costs, and only wear them with a sneaker when you are working out or walking for exercise. The best shoes are the ones that show off most of your foot.

Tops – If you are short or medium height, you want to keep the 1/3 to 2/3 rule. That is, the length of your top should end at about the top third of your body, so for most people slightly below your waistband. Your capris and shoes should be the other two-thirds. If you are tall, by all means pair them with a tunic or even a short dress. Again looking at current-day fashionistas, they all tend to follow the 1/3 to 2/3 rule which is universally flattering.


Channel your inner movie star diva and strut your stuff.

Close your eyes and imagine you are walking around the fabulous Isle of Capri, and hordes of cute Italian paparazzi are chasing you for that perfect shot. If you need more inspiration, watch the following movies: Paparazzi, It Started in Naples and The Talented Mr. Ripley. (I somehow do not imagine you having any difficulty with this part.)

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Ciao for now


Time to tap in to some Flower Power!

It is crystal clear right now,the number 1 trend for Spring/Summer 2017 are florals.Magazines,TV commercials and Stores are full of amazing floral print for Women,Men and Children.InStyle did a multiple feature on florals,Old Navy’s new TV commercial is full of floral prints and most magazines featured them on their April coversFlorals are the end all and be all this season.They are on clothes,bags,shoes and even hats.
If you only buy one thing this season make sure it is a floral.We love florals because they are pretty,romantic and so uplifting.It is even okay this season to wear head to toe flowers and even mix them.

They were a huge trend on the runway,So here are some tips on how to rock them the real way.

This was the Number 1 trend during the Spring 2017 Runway shows and it has translated really well to retail.Most people look great in a medium scale floral on a dark background.Save the lighter ground florals for later in the season when you are more tanned.The good news is that we are seeing a lot of dresses out there with sleeves.A new trend we are seeing which is great for all you pant loving girls are floral jumpsuits that look like dresses,so now you can have your cake and eat it.The comfort of pants with the look of dress magic.Do not shy away from florals if you are a curvy girl.It is a myth that florals make you look bigger. Placed florals are extremely flattering and can be used to showcase your figure.Always go with a solid shoe when wearing a floral dress.
The great thing is even if you do not love florals you can get that feel and lift by pairing a simple solid dress with a floral bag,shoe and scarf.So even if florals are not your thing get in to spring’s main mood and rock it with your classic little black dress or you little navy dress.

So mix it or match it but fall in love with the power of a great floral.



Finding the right Shoe and Bag this season!


Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe.My adding the right accessories you can totally elevate your outfit and and express your personal style.I love the quote that you see above because women who know the right way to accessorize do stand out.They are very often the easiest and most cost effective way of taking the ordinary to the sublime.

For everyday wear keep it simple:a classic well made handbag,the seasons shoe, a simple hoop or studs and a great pair of sunglasses are all you need.

YOUR SHOES (you can never have “too many”)

  • Never buy shoes that hurt.Invest in your shoes getting the best quality you can afford and take good care of them.Classic pumps,great ballet flats and Statement booties never go out of fashion.
  • The toe shape and the overall shoe must flatter the length of your leg,the size of your foot and your overall body proportion
  • Read this post to help you find the right shoe-
  • Here are this seasons must have shoes-

YOUR BAGS (Yes, you can never have “too many” bags such a thing does not exist)

“So pay attention to your bags and shoes and you will see people pay attention to you.”

♥ Sunil

Belt it this Spring!

In addition to a perfect shoe and a companion bag,the right belt can elevate your outfit to the next level.Here are the must have belts for Spring 2017.

This is the hottest trend this season and celebrities are rocking it in a big way.This trend is inspired by fashion’s love affair with all things from the boudoir( very sexy bedroom attire).Slip dresses,lace camisoles and sheer tops are all having a moment this season.If you have an hour glass body shape this is the perfect trend for you.Since this is such a statement accessory keep the rest of your outfit simple otherwise it can end up being too much like a costume.

This is probably the most casual belt trend we are seeing this season.It adds a touch of slouchy ease to any outfit.The belts are usually soft broken down leather in classic black,brown and tan.If you are petite this is the perfect trend for you because it does not cut your figure in to two but rather creates a softly defined waist line at the point of your body that flatters you the most.

This trend creates a soft long line along the body.Some designers are showing it looped or tucked.It looks best with dresses as it adds a soft flow to your outfit.If you are tall this is the perfect trend for you.It is a play on this seasons masculine-feminine trend as it looks like you are wearing your boyfriend’s belt that is a way too long for you.

Soft,with almost a hand crafted vibe to it,the chord belt is this seasons must have bohemian accessory.The lack of structure adds a touch of softness to any outfit.If you are apple shaped this is the perfect trend for you to rock because it can be used to create a waistline and help anchor a more voluminous top or dress.

Yes,Belts are not just for day any more.We saw this trend emerge on the Oscar red carpet when several fashionistas sported belts with their designer gowns.Evening belts are whimsical and take their queues from art.When added to a simple dress or top his belt can totally take it from day to night.

So do add a belt to our spring outfits and elevate them to the next level.

The bags you must rock right now!

Two things we are all obsessed with Bags and Shoes,rightly so because they can make or break your outfit.I do not think I have ever heard any woman say that she has too many bags and shoes.Here are the ones you need to add to your collection this season.

This is the biggest trend of the season.Stores in New York are full of the most delightful creations.Not the most practical in order to carry your belongings but boy to they add a touch of panache to even the most mundane outfit.The theme is whimsy, it is more of an  decorative accessory rather than a functional one.In order to be practical you have to pair it with a bigger bag or just have someone following you around carrying all your stuff.(I opt for the latter as it is a great way to make your significant other useful).

Yes,fashion is about extremes,we live with the ying and yang.The maxi bag is all about the play on proportion it is not designed to hold all of your worldly possessions.Most doctors will tell you that your bag when filled should not exceed more than 10% of your body weight specially if you carry it on one shoulder.If you are tall this is a great trend for you.We will see this trend getting stronger as we head towards the summer.

This season’s must have shape is the Hobo.I saw several versions both large and small.This shape is very flattering and holds a lot comfortably.Perfect for daily use it does tend to give off more of a casual air.It is the perfect bag if you are the jeans and teeshirt type of girl.If you tend to stick with one bag go for a new neutral like nude or tan,if you are a baganista go for one in bold color or decoration.

To balance the Hobo the top trend for evening is the structured box clutch,which dominated the runways.My favorite is the mini version of the classic LV trunk.Metal and lucite dominate this trend and the great thing is they just about go with everything.

A new trend we are seeing this season is bags inspired by art and craft.Pop prints,painting,decorative arts and crochet all take the handbag in to a new realm.Designers play with the notion”if you are going to be carrying something around why not make it a work of art”.If you have the resources invest in a piece or have a friend create one for you.They are a great expression of individual style and the perfect icebreaker.

We saw this trend emerging for Holiday but it is now full blown for Spring.This trend started in the 1950’s and fell out of favor as we associated it with our grandmothers.It is back full force with all of the top designers offering you matching bags and clothes.So this season be bold and match you bag to your clothes and shoes for a chic seamless pulled together look

So I give you a reason to go and shop because we always need the perfect companion or two!

♥ Sunil