Fashion Tips from the Red Carpet

With the 2019 Awards season ending last night and all of us talking about our favourite dresses,the fashion hit and misses.There are real takeaways that will influence what we are going to wear.What is worn on the red carpet influences what we wear to prom,weddings and other events during the year.So what are the fashion lessons that you can use in your own life.

1.Fashion is having a big princess moment.The award season was all about full volume dresses with ruffles,bows and bodices often paired with some kind of cape detail.So if you are buying a dress this season make sure it has the princess vibe.

2.Black is king,after analysing all the award shows it was very clear that most of the unique cuts and shapes were in black.This is an important fashion lesson if you are taking a risk and going for a silhouette you usually do not wear do it in a color like black or navy. It is easier to step out of your comfort zone when you have the confidence and flattering effects of black on your side.

3.Red is the new black?What does that mean?Red is now on par with black and white when it comes to color for evening.Red was once considered a daring choice but not any more.Women have embraced the  sexy power vibe it brings and love how it makes heads turn.So if you already have a black dress opt for a red one and rotate them.Yes it is perfectly okay to wear red to a wedding,in may cultures it is a sign of good fortune.

4.Metallics are the key trend of the season.Metallics have been growing in strength over the past few years and have overtaken lace as the must have fabrication.Silver seems to be leading the way but we are also seeing gold and other Spring tones like lilac and pink.

5.Pink is the new player.Last year it was all about nude and understated color this year it is about pink.Pink is the new power color with all it’s old associations being tossed aside.So if you need to make a splash at your event pink is the way to go.

If you want to read more about color for this year go to

6.Pants are now totally glam for evening.It used to be that if someone showed up in pants on the red carpet or at an event is was as if they were not even trying to dress up.However some celebrities have been rocking some high wattage pant looks.Think of tailored feminine tuxedos,glam pantsuits and pairing pants with overly dramatic tops.So if you are not a dress kind of girl this is your year to dazzle in pants.


“So be influenced by the stars and do take some fashion risks at your next event”

♥ Sunil

How to rock flats this holiday season!

How to rock flats for the holidays!

Comfort and Glamour need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to shoes. We have all seen iconic images of Audrey Hepburn rocking flats but Natalie Portman, Emily Watson and Anne Hathaway all rock flats on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway is the queen of wearing flats on the red carpet and does it all the time, which caused a huge controversy in Cannes when they decided it were not appropriate and banned them.Fortunately they are not banned this holiday season from all your fun, fabulous, events.


There were a lot of comments on my last post about heels, where women said it is hard for them to wear them,they prefer flats but it sometimes makes them feel “dumpy”.By following these five simple things, you can rock flats this holiday and never miss putting on a pair of heels.

Always remember when you are confident,comfortable and cute is when you have the most fun.

1. Find the shoe that flatters your body.

There are two kinds of flats out there for holiday right now.

Beneath the ankle flats such as loafers,ballet flats,mules and sandals.

Above the ankle flats such as low boots, cage flats and booties

Beneath the ankle flats are certainly those that work the best.By revealing the ankle, they show the full length of the leg without “cutting” it. They are the best choice to elongate your figure and are most flattering to all body types. The best way to wear them is always show your ankle which is a sexy body part on all women.So flash some ankle.

Above the ankle flats tend to reduce the length of the leg a bit. So they are great if you are taller 5 feet 5 inches or have long legs.If you have shorter or wider legs, and want to wear an above the ankle flat make sure you balance it with your outfit.

2. Choose styles carefully when shopping.

Pointy toe flats work best with wide leg pants while round toe ballet flats work best with ankle length pant styles that show a little skin. Open toe flats look good with skinny pants and short skirts. Always wear a closed toe flat with a long skirt. When wearing flats with a short dress or skirt make sure they show some toe cleavage. (Yes that is a thing) which is very sexy and elongates your leg. Only wear loafers with a pant. So think about what you are going to wear your flats with when you are buying them.

3. Make sure your flats are stylish, Bright colors, lux fabrics and textures to add some flair to your look. Embrace a fun print or embellished flats. Bedazzled flats look great with cocktail dresses. Velvet, Lace and Metallic flats are big this season. Victorian details like ruffles, buckles and bows are all the rage as well.Stay away from very basic flats if you are wearing them to an event.

4. Choose quality. Sure you can snag a pair flats at a discount store for $9.99. In the case of shoes, you get what you pay for and if you are planning to wear them to events and not just around the house invest in high quality flats. The material and construction are very important. You want these to last more than a couple of wears or seasons.This is very important.

5Make sure your outfit and your flats are in harmony.

Rocking a dress or with your flats? Choose a shorter skirt or dress that falls away from your hips and hits you right above the knee to avoid looking stumpy. You could also cheat a little and rock a kitten heel or sliver of a wedge to give you a little boost.Nude flats will really elongate your legs.

Rocking a pant with your flats? Make sure if you are wearing narrow pants they end above you ankle when wearing them with ballet flats or sandals. When wearing it with an above the ankles flat like a bootie make sure you tuck pant in.When wearing it with a wide leg pant make sure the back of your pant is ¼” above the back of your shoe. Wide leg pants look good with simple pointy toe flats.

Make sure your pants do not drag on the floor. When you buy pants decide if you are going to wear them with heels or flats and hem them accordingly.

Here are some great LBD flat combinations.


Here are some great pant and flats combinations.

You can rock heels this holiday season!

With the holiday season approaching,even the most practical fashionista seeks to abandon comfort for drama upon spying the perfect pair of sky-high stilettos.Holiday parties and heels just go hand in hand.There is something to be said about wearing heels with a great dress.You feel tall and sexy,your booty pops and the dress fits better.(FYI-most dresses are fit on the model while she is wearing a pair of heels) Aching feet inevitable?

Here are some strategies to pull this off in relative comfort.

First…The Fit

Having properly fitting shoes is critical,go shoe shopping at the end of the day,your feet swell so if you shop first thing in the morning you may not get the right fit.Have your feet measured specially the width.Your feet change just like the rest of you.TIPOpen toe shoes give you more wiggle room.

Next…Heel Height

Finding the right heel height is equally important,the pitch of your foot in heels has a lot to do with comfort.Not sure what the right heel height is for you?

Here are two things you can do in the shoe store that will help you make the right decision

1.Stand in your shoes on a hard floor with your knees straight.Raise yourself 1″on your toes;if you can do this comfortably,the shoes are the right height.Start at this height and you can slowly work your way up from there.Kitten Heels are a big trend this season.Block heels are a great starting point as well.

2.Take 10-12 steps in the shoes at your normal walking speed if you wobble the heels are two high. TIP -Opt for a shoe with a platform this will give you the height you want and minimize the pitch at the same time.

Then…Make it your own shoe

Did you know that numerous products exist to customize the fit of your shoes?You can add arch support,cushioning,support the ball of your foot and prevent rubbing at the back of your heel.Most drug stores and beauty supply stores carry these products.TIP-Focus on the areas that are painful at the end of the day.

Here are some products that can help with problem areas


A lot of problems occur because you store your heels in a box.Leather contracts when it dries make the shoes tighter when you put them on.Use a device to stretch your shoes.For specially stubborn shoes,keep a stretcher in them so they are always ready.Moisturize your shoes and store them in breathable shoe bags.Did you know the Queen of England has a lady in waiting to break in all her shoes you do not have that privilege but you can always bribe a friend to help.TIP-Treat your most worn shoes to shoe trees,that way they will always be ready for you


Do Yoga before you put on your heels. Stretch your hamstrings and calves,do leg lifts and ankle turns you will be surprised on how much this helps.Barre and Pilates are best for high heel wearers.Yes, wearing high heels is a sport just like any other so train and warm up.

Strut your stuff…Properly

Be sure to walk correctly in you heels:

1.Walk heel-toe,heel-toe with you head high and shoulders back ,elongate your spine.

2.Take smaller steps if you are bending your knees your steps are too long.Practice turning in your heels using your toes it is more of a pivot.

3.Take breaks,do your best to sit down every 20 minutes or so for at least 7 to 10 minutes.A lot of shoes look great when you sit down as well.TIP-Do not take off your shoes,your feet can swell and make it difficult to put back on.Keep a pair of flats handy to slip on after the event for walking back to your car.

When you get home…Pamper your feet

Thank your feet for supporting you.Soak them in warm water,dry them with a fluffy towel and massage them with a good foot cream.

If you are shopping for heels this season here are the big trends!

Yes it is the trend right now to match your bags and shoes

Find your perfect dress!

Your best option to shine during the holiday season is by wearing the perfect dress.Time to start thinking about your options for the Holiday Season.Fabulous Holiday dresses and attire arrived in the stores and online October 15th,so it is the best selection and size availability right now.Here are some simple tips to help you find the right dress to dazzle in.


Black is the most popular color and universally flattering but Red is almost selling as well as Black.If you already have a Black dress do invest in a Red one this season as it is going to be a key item.Jewel tones are also big this season with Sapphire,Emerald and Amethyst leading the way.If you want something that will make a big splash go with a Metallics like Bronze,Copper,Gold and Silver.


Make sure the style and details flatter your body,Here is what to look for that will flatter your body type when you shop.


Make sure that the fabric drapes without clinging it should also be breathable and allow you to move.Jersey and Ponte are the best bets for something more classic and versatile.If you want to step it up go with Lace or Velvet.If you are going all out gravitate towards Beading,Embroidery or Sequins.


If you go to a lot of formal events that are black tie or black tie optional do go for a long dress but for most people cocktail dresses just below the knee are the best bet.On the other hand if you go to more edgy events at art galleries and clubs then short is a must.Find the length that flatters you and do not be afraid to get a dress hemmed to the right length.The good news is that all lengths are in this season.

5.Top Trends this season

There are lots of option this season but I picked the top 5 trends that I think are current and also have longevity.If you invest in a great dress you want to make sure you have more than one seasons wear out of it.

Lace is once again the #1 trend this season with pieced and placed versions leading the way.If you can afford it go with a 3d lace which has a total wow quality.If all lace is not you thing look for versions mixed with chiffon,velvet or satin.This is great for a work event or something slightly more formal.

Sequins are front and center for the holidays.These are not the boring sequins from your grandma’s closet, they have texture and pattern.Look for the ones that look like molten metal or have new bolder shapes.If a Gala or a fabulous New Years event is in you cards do rock this trend.

Asymmetry is a great way to add instant drama,this seasons versions have ruffles,hems and sleeves all designed to flatter,if you are petite this is the trend for you as it elongates your body.

We are finally seeing a wave of Boho Holiday dresses in both short and long versions that incorporate floral prints,embroidery,fringe and feathers.They truly reflect the haute hippie trend that is so strong right now.It is all about eclectic luxury and personal expression.If you tend to go to more creative events at museums and art galleries this is the dress you must buy this season. Holiday dressing does not have to be boring.

Disco days are back big time.This is probably the most fashion forward trend that we are seeing.The dresses have statement sleeves and strong shoulders and are usually short.If the holiday season is all about dancing the night away this is a must have for you.

Take a little time to find the right dress for you this holiday season and do become the life of the party and the belle of the ball.

♥ Sunil



Quick Style Tips for New Year’s Eve

If you have been busy with Christmas and not been paying attention to New Year’s Eve which just suddenly arrived do not fret.Here are some quick last minute ideas to up your style game from some of the leading fashion glossies.

Go to you closet and find the most fabulous all black outfit you own and add some of these touches.

The focus is on the eyes and it is all about shine and sparkle.Go for a metallic shadow or add a few rhinestones.

These dazzlers instanly update even the most basic out,the bigger the better.

It is amazing how a simple hair accessory can add serious wattage and turn you into a red carpet star.

The more dramatic update to lipstick is the lipstain it is more vibrant and does not come off when you land smooches on all the cute boys around you.

The demure kitten heel adds a sexy wearable vibe to any outfit,plus you can dance the night away.


Happy New Year
♥ Sunil