How to Mix Prints!

One of Summer’s Biggest Trends is to mix your prints in the same outfit.Now this is not everyone’s cup of tea for some of us just one print is way too much but if you want to push yourself,here are 5 simple ways to pull it off.

Mix different prints in Black and White.Stripes,Dots,Checks or Floral in monochromatic hues are easy to mix and look very chic.This is flattering and can be used to enhance your body type.If you are a Pear shape you want to wear a Black background on the bottom and a White background on the top.If you are a Strawberry you want to do the opposite.Then mix in a bold red,cobalt or yellow bag and shoe and you have this seasons “Wow”look.

Stripes and Dots are the neutrals of the print world and are easy to mix in with the busiest floral prints.Pair with a solid shoe or an animal print shoe to finish your look.

Having a common color in each print helps to pull them together creating a unified story.make sure you mix the scales and do not choose more than 3 different prints,2 is ideal.

Keeping to the same theme like geometrics,florals or abstracts and then mixing the colors and scales provides a visual anchor and prevents your outfit from going off the rails.Anchor it with a solid neutral shoe and bag.

Leave it to the experts and buy a dress or a jumpsuit already print mixed for you.Several designers are offering you this option at every price point.I love the ones from Kate Spade,Free People,ASOS and Zara.

So do step out of your comfort zone this season and have some fun shaking up your summer looks.

Spring Prints are Here!

After much anticipation the stores in NYC are full of the latest and greatest prints for Spring 19.Even though Spring is actually a few days away, it has arrived in windows of the city.This is a print heavy season but “What are the key trends you should be rocking”?

Always classic and chic, black and white prints are the best gateway to Spring.Dots are leading the trend followed by simple florals and stripes.You can wear this right now mixing it with black and later in the season by mixing it with red,pink and yellow which are key colors.

Florals are always a key trend but this seasons must have are the 1950’s inspired large scale flowers that have their inspiration in home.Do rock them from head to toe for a bold look or just pick a jacket or a pant and pair it with navy,khaki or red.

Animal prints are now a mainstay for Spring thanks to the lovers who refuse to give it up.The prints tend to be lighter,brighter and with a little dash of color.Not quite what nature intended but a great alternative to flowers.If you are feeling feisty by all means work some head to toe animal,other wise tame it with a neutral like white,navy or tan.

I love this trend it looks like someone pieced together a bunch of scarves to create a print to delight your senses.If you are buying a dress this season this is the trend to go with.The best thing is you can dial this up by pairing it with pop color shoes and bags or refine it with nude accents.

Yes,Tie Dye is back in a big way not the hippie 60’s version but a sophisticated luxurious grown up one.This is going to be a big print for Summer as it just says beach,vacation and chill.It looks best when mixed with denim and white.

If you missed my blog post about the must have colors for Spring,here is a quick refresh

My advice is to always add some fresh print to your wardrobe each season it is the most cost effective way to give it some zing.If you are not a print person try a scarf or a bag it will surprise you.

5 Things you must do this Fall !

Here are 5 simple things you can do to reflect this season most significant trends.

1.Rock some Red

Red is the number 1 color this season and is outselling black in certain items,if head to toe red is not your thing a great bag or shoe will do just fine.

2.Take a walk on the Wild side.

It is all about everything animal,be brave and rock an animal print coat or just be subtle and work a great print shoe

For more on this seasons must have prints go to

3.Put on some Boots

This season is all about boots,Western,Knee High or Patent it is the must have footwear of the season.


4.Make a Statement with a Bag

This season it is all about the statement bag,bold,colorful and lots of logos and bling.The bag is the new star of your outfit.

5.Wrap a Scarf

On your head,your neck or just about anywhere on your body it is all about the visual attention a great iconic scarf brings.

So with these 5 simple things you can up for Fashion game this Fall!

Must have Prints this Fall!

We are now firmly into Fall and it is time to rock some of this season’s must have Prints.Adding an on trend print is the quickest way to keep your wardrobe fresh and fabulous.I have spent many hours combing the stores in NYC,shopping online and pouring thru all those voluminous September issues to give you my top five.

With no hesitation I can say the number 1 spot goes to…

No surprise here because animal prints are not only year round but have been getting stronger season by season.Animal prints are available at every price point this season and they also come in every accessory imaginable.The focus is on the big cats with a very graphic quality to them and what is new is the textural element.So this season rock a sequined animal print.a plush velvet one or a shiny leather one.If cats are not your thing there is a plethora of real and imaginary animals to choose from like zebra,python,crocodile and my all time favourite dragon.If you buy just one print this season make sure it is a wild one.

The number 2 spot goes to…

Florals that usually dominate Spring and Summer are now just as important in the Fall.The seasons versions are usually on a darker ground and have a more painterly feel.Yes it is perfectly okay to wear head to toe florals in the dead of Winter.

In at number 3 comes a classic…

Some may argue that they are more of a texture as they are very often woven in to the fabric but this season they have an exuberance to them that gives them the feel of a print.They run the range from tasteful to loud but  all have a very posh undertone to them.Think of gentlemen dandies and prep school boys.

Number 4…

I have always said in fashion we love the interplay,so we go from posh to rustic.These prints are inspired by the American heartland.Think of sophisticated prairie chic.They have a very natural handmade feel to them and compliment this seasons  big bohemian trend.

Fifth place goes to…

This is one of the freshest trends we are seeing and is available from Ferragamo to Zara.It looks like your garment is made up of a bunch of beautiful scarves and the truth is if you have a bunch of stunning scarves you can recreate some of these pieces.

I had to mention this one for those of you who love florals but do not think they are suitable for the dead of winter…

We are seeing a slew of decorative prints taking their cues from opulent brocades,rich jacquards and and ornate damask.Inspired by upholstery fabrics these prints add a richness to you wardrobe and are a great way to wear print around the holidays.

So do add some print to your wardrobe this Fall as it is one of the most cost effective ways to update your wardrobe.Use a piece in a current print and surround it with some of your classics,you will be surprised as to how current it will look.


Must have prints for Spring!

Snow is still on the ground but Spring is in the stores.This year it is all about prints,they are now an integral part of a stylish woman’s wardrobe because they help pop your outfits.If you are not a fan of print do add them in small doses like a scarf,bag or shoe.You will be surprised at how much impact they have in elevating your outfit to the next level,plus prints are so much fun.

Here are the must have prints this season.

Spring is all about florals and this season’s crop takes their inspiration from the 1940’s and 50’s.They are bold and often colorful.They will totally add some drama to your wardrobe.

Head to toe florals are a big trend this season and these soft ditsy florals will are designed to be worn that way.Soft,sweet and romantic they scream springtime is here to stay.They are perfect for a Spring wedding.

Stripes are always a staple for Spring and Summer but this season they are bold and brash.Vertical stripes dominate but when worn on the bias they have a softer edge.

Animal prints that are usually a Fall favorite have now become a year round staple.This Spring it is all about the big cats and the sensual snake.The colors are a brighter to give them a seasonal twist.

This Spring season,you do not have to give up your plaids,designers have reinterpreted them in lighter playful ways and mixed in all the must have colors of the season.


This trend started last fall and just got stronger.Spring’s version is more graphic instead of playful and black and white combo’s lead the way.

Why limit your art to the walls when you can wear it.This trend is all about graphic and pop art made wearable.If you love making a statement this is the print for you.

Who does not love a cute critter,butterflies,parrots,fish and other adorable animals are this season’s must have quirky prints.They will add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe and make you smile every time you put them on.

Do pop your Spring wardrobe by adding a couple of prints on heavy rotation.

♥ Sunil