How to travel in style this Winter!

Starting next week we head into the busiest travel season of the year.It was just reported that an extra 4 million people are traveling this year at Thanksgiving compared to last year.

I believe that you should always travel in style.If you look like you belong in first class you just might end up there.With all the turmoil happening with the airlines right now it is so important to look pulled together and just plain fierce(people are less likely to mess with you).It is important to look fabulous on your flight and at your destination as well.Remember you take many more pictures when you travel and all those social media posts.

They key is what you pack,how you pack and what you wear.Never check a bag unless you absolutely have to.The cost for checked bags goes up almost every month,plus there is all the time you end up waiting for them.In addition if you have a checked bag you have a lot less flexibility to change a flight.With so much luggage going missing or not arriving with you you are much better off having everything you need in the palm of your hand specially if there is a delay.Here are the a,b,c’s of a great travel wardrobe.

A.What to pack.

1-Create a color story for your trip,it should not be more than 3 main colors and a pop color or print.This will ensure that everything goes with each other.Your pop should only be in tops.Here are some color stories that are trending right now.Your color story should be in harmony with the nature of your trip.This is essentially creating a travel capsule.Do the same  with your accessories.



2-Pay attention to fabrication,try to pack as many wrinkle resistant fabrics as possible.Stay away from linens,silks and certain  wools they do not travel well.Stick to jersey,ponte and fabrics that drape well.Also put the clothes you pack on a diet,Look for the thinnest fabrics that provide the most warmth especially when it comes to fleece and outerwear.Lay out your outfit combinations and take pictures on your phone.For cold weather travel look for ultra lightweight thinsulate or down jackets and coats.Do not travel with a lined wool coat.

3-Pack your work horse pieces.Everything you choose should have at least an 80 % chance of being used.Denim jeans,black stretchy pants,jersey tops and little black dresses all fall in to this category.Also pack convertible pieces,these are pieces that can be worn more than one way.If you are not sure about what a convertible piece is watch this video.


4-Pack lots of accessories.Bling gives you major bang for your buck when you are traveling.It is small, but can completely transform a simple dress or top.make sure you pack at least 3 statement pieces.It is also important to make sure the pieces go with your color story.Do pack a couple of belts as well.Make sure you pack a mix of casual,sporty and dressy accessories that go together.Here is an example of a great accessory story.

5-Scarves are your secret weapon to traveling light and looking fabulous.They are incredibly light and fold into the smallest squares.they can be tucked into any spare corner you have.Make sure you have a solid one,a printed one and an embellished one.They can become belts,hats,shirts or tops in an instant.Here are a couple of cheat sheets that show you how.

6.I say this with much pain!Limit the number of shoes you pack,they weigh the most and take up the most space. Do not pack any uncomfortable shoes.Right now you should pack a heel in a  metallic shade,nude or black for evening,a comfortable all weather day shoe the and a light athletic waterproof sneaker for walking around or working out .You should wear your boots as they are the hardest to back but make sure they come on and off easily for security.So 3 pairs that is all that goes in your bag.Make sure you pack a  small clutch that goes with your heels for evening.Also pack a lightweight foldable backpack for day trips or the gym.Here is an example of a story.

B.How to pack.

1-Layout everything on your bed including the outfit you are going to travel in.Count you should have at least 3 tops for every bottom.make sure all the colors sit in harmony.The reason you put your travel outfit on the bed is to make sure it goes with the pieces you pack.

2.Pack using zip lock bags and roll your clothes,squeeze out any excess air.Delicate knits should be wrapped in tissue paper to prevent them from getting snagged.If you travel with a jacket turn it inside out and fold the shoulders in before you roll.(you cannot do this with men’s jackets).

3.Start with you shoes laying them toe to heel at the bottom of your bag.Stuff them with underwear,scarves and belts.Not only does this make efficient use of space,this helps the shoe keep its shape.

4.Resist any last minute urges to pack extras.Your clothing will expand as you wear it and the most important thing is you have to leave room to shop”.

C.What to wear.

1-Comfort and Style is your mantra.Poly/Spandex blends are the best to travel in.Make sure the fabric drapes well and does not cling.Do opt for an elastic waist and pockets are a plus.Keep your outfit monochromatic and in a dark color.

2. Always have a shawl/scarf with you airplanes are cold and this is a much more stylish way to stay warm rather than an airplane blanket.Plus you can do something fun with it when you get to your destination.

3.Sunglasses,a great handbag and a touch of fragrance is also a must.Do have lipstick and moisturizer handy to apply throughout the flight.

4.If you take off your shoes or your most outer layer make sure they are easy to put back on.

5.Put a small pillowcase in the pocket of your coat,Fold your coat and use it as a pillow during the flight.This will keep it clean and you will not have to stuff it in the overhead compartment.


D.When you get to your destination.

1.Unpack everything and hang what you can.If anything is wrinkled take it to the bathroom and hang it on your door while you shower.Most of the wrinkles should come out.Travel with a small bottle of Downy Wrinkle release,this helps if something gets really wrinkled.Also travel with shout pen or wipes.A portable steamer is also a must have.In a pinch your hotel hair dryer can help get wrinkles out.Spray a little water on the garment and blow on low.Have some Shout wipes or a pen to deal with stains.

2.Make sure you take out all the items from your shoes and lay out your accessories on a table(not the real stuff).

3.Plan your outfits for the next few days and hang them in order,review pictures of them on you phone so you do not forget the combinations you came up with.


Feeling and looking gorgeous when you travel is as easy as A,B,C and D

Love, Sunil

How to care for your wardrobe.

My last post talked about having the wardrobe of your dreams and this one tells you how to take care of it.In the next few weeks you will be taking your Fall pieces out of storage and putting your Spring and Summer clothes into storage.You will need to make sure that when you do this they are well cared for.Caring for your clothes is simple with these tips:


Invest in a top of the line washer and dryer;you will be surprised at how much money it will save you in the long run.Read care labels and follow instructions as closely as possible.Some current models can clean garments that you normally dry clean and are energy efficient.


Take care of stains ASAP! Time is the enemy here.Over 100 items can stain clothing and each one needs to be treated differently.Find a good stain removing guide and hand it in your laundry room.I use this one from Real Simple magazine and it is on the inside of my laundry room door.It eliminates the guesswork.Create a small box with all the products you need to lift stains.Carry a stain removal pen or wipe in your handbag at all times for quick pre-treating.Stains are the number one reason people have to get rid of their clothing.



Wash delicates on a gentle cycle; use a mesh bag with a floating disc.If you do not have a gentle cycle,use a large salad spinner specially for silk scarves and lace tops.Just add a mild detergent to cold water,spin gently,empty,add water to rinse and lay flat to dry on a towel.

Go with the mildest detergent possible.If your clothes are not heavily soiled use half the amount of recommended detergent.I recommend staying away from heavily scented detergents.Avoid fabric softener sheets as it can cause a residue to build up.

Goes without saying always wash whites,lights and darks separately.Always wash denim jeans separately,they can bleed and the metal trims can damage knit garments specially sweaters.

I recommend not using a chlorine bleach on whites;look for a gentler bleach alternative.

Turn all garments inside out before you wash them and close all zippers.

When washing cashmere,merino or other delicate knits,use a detergent formulated for delicates or in a pinch a baby laundry detergent,use cold water as much as possible,not only is it good for your clothes it also great for the environment and your budget.

Dryer Begone

Try not to use the dryer as much as possible,heat is the biggest enemy of spandex.Many new dryers have a cool setting and do not shrink your clothing,I once saw a woman’s sweater come out of the dryer as a kids,that process is irreversible.Never completely crisp dry your clothes.Remove them when they are 95% dry and hang at once.If something fits you just right make sure you always lay it flat on a towel to air dry.


Make sure you fold your laundry as soon as possible with the right folds,use the seams as a guide if you are not sure.

Into the Closet

Ideally keep a space of one hanger width between each piece,I know this is hard but it is important for each piece of clothing to hang correctly.This is very important specially for suede,leather and shearling.Invest in good hangers that do not create points on your clothing.Make sure your closet is cool and dry.Humidity and light can damage clothing so keep your closet door closed when you are not picking out your clothing.I have seen many one sleeve faded garments when people leave their closets open all the time.Never hang knits specially sweaters always keep them folded.


Properly store off season items in a nice cool basement if you have it.Avoid storing garments in plastic bags especially if they have just been dry cleaned.Use sealed plastic containers for sweaters to avoid moths and breathable garment bags for others.


Never iron the face of a fabric always the back.Use brown paper or a pressing cloth to prevent the color from changing.Make sure your iron is always clean and on the right setting for the fabric.Never iron fabrics with a pile,velvet in particular.

Dry Cleaning

I avoid it as much as possible specially with fragile fabric,there are now eco cleaners that use gentler processes and chemicals.I usually prefer to hand wash or spot clean only dry cleaning when absolutely needed,not only does it save money it increases the life of your clothing.

Fast Freshening

Only wash clothes when they are dirty.Our natural tendency is to wash clothes more often than actually needed.My habit is to put something in the laundry basket as soon as I take it off even if I have had it on for 5 minutes.Try some of these quick,wash free garment fresheners.

  • If you are planning to wear something again,get in on a hanger as soon as you take it off and put it in an airy space.
  • Invest in a steamer,a lint brush and a pill shaver use them to quickly freshen up a garment.
  • Keep a small mister with water handy.Spray your garment a couple of times(add a touch of lavender if you like)and toss in the dryer on a fluff cycle.You can also use a wrinkle release spray if your garment is crushed.
  • Hang your clothes behind your bathroom door while you shower as it will steam away the wrinkles.This works great for knit jersey fabrics.

All of these tips are my personal observations throughout out the years and many of you have better methods so feel free to share in the comments.I believe to buy the best you can afford and take good care of it.In the long run that turns out to be more economical than constantly replacing items that are of a poor quality.This is true for the items that are the backbone of your wardrobe like tanks,camis and leggings.

A bonus tip invest in 3 of them in the basic colors like black one to wear,one to wash and one to have(at rest) spandex fits better and last longer when it has time to recover.

The Perfect Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps!

We all dream about having that perfect wardrobe.The one that is fully integrated  and well edited that epitomizes your style and fully covers all your needs yet manages to look fresh and exciting every time you step out.

Some swear it is just an urban myth and is impossible but with these 5 easy steps you can attain  wardrobe nirvana.The biggest mistake people make is buying one offs,a cute top or a great outfit or some divine shoes and when you bring it home and add it to your closet it just does not give you a cohesive wardrobe.My definition of a dream wardrobe is one that you can get dressed completely in the dark and when you step out into the light you look like a million bucks.

This is the perfect time to do a little planning,Fall is not quite here but we pretty much know what is coming in the next two weeks.Here is what you need to do.

Step 1-Be honest about your body and lifestyle.

As we age our body shape often changes so does it if you have lost or gained more that 15 pounds your shape changes.It is important to dress the body you have,not the body you have or the body you plan to have.Take a few minutes to measure your self and confirm your body type.Here is a cheat sheet to help you.

Be honest about your lifestyle,if you work from home buying a whole lot of dresses and suits is not going to help.Take stock of what you wear 80% of the time.Do not buy something because you friend is wearing it and loves it.

Step 2-Stick to a Color Story

For the majority of what you wear stick to 4 complimentary shades and work with them.This allows for optimal mixing and matching.For the Fall I like mixing two dark tones with a mid tone and an accent.If you are a print person do add one great print.You can have a color story for work and another for casual if you like.Here are some on trend color stories for Fall 2018.

Step 3- Go for Quality and Fit over Quantity

As Americans we love variety but here is where we should take a lesson from our European sisters.French women tend to have less but it fits them perfectly and is the very best quality they can afford.This is very important when it comes to Outerwear,Bags and Shoes.Quality pieces tend to last longer so in the long run they actually cost less.

Step 4-Create your Core or Foundation

Just like a great house begins with a foundation your wardrobe is built on core pieces or essentials.These are the work horses of you wardrobe that multi task in many outfits.Depending on your lifestyle you may have different core pieces.Make a list of what your items are and make sure you have them,that they fit and are in good condition.Create a checklist and if you do not have it make sure you acquire these pieces first.Here is an example for a professional who works in a casual office.

You should add some on trend fashion tops to balance out your selection.The general rule is that you should have 3 top options for every bottom.Make sure these pieces flatter you really well,if not go out and get a piece that does,here are some guidelines.

Step 5-Work with your Budget

The best way to do it is to follow the 80/20 Rule. 80% of your funds go to carefully planned items to fill your wardrobe gaps.The balance 20% goes towards impulse buys,whims and sales.Here are 10 wardrobe basics that are always in style and give you the best bang for your buck.

So with these five simple steps,a little planning and some smart shopping with a dose of self control you can have an amazing wardrobe.