How to travel in style this Winter!

Starting next week we head into the busiest travel season of the year.It was just reported that an extra 4 million people are traveling this year at Thanksgiving compared to last year.

I believe that you should always travel in style.If you look like you belong in first class you just might end up there.With all the turmoil happening with the airlines right now it is so important to look pulled together and just plain fierce(people are less likely to mess with you).It is important to look fabulous on your flight and at your destination as well.Remember you take many more pictures when you travel and all those social media posts.

They key is what you pack,how you pack and what you wear.Never check a bag unless you absolutely have to.The cost for checked bags goes up almost every month,plus there is all the time you end up waiting for them.In addition if you have a checked bag you have a lot less flexibility to change a flight.With so much luggage going missing or not arriving with you you are much better off having everything you need in the palm of your hand specially if there is a delay.Here are the a,b,c’s of a great travel wardrobe.

A.What to pack.

1-Create a color story for your trip,it should not be more than 3 main colors and a pop color or print.This will ensure that everything goes with each other.Your pop should only be in tops.Here are some color stories that are trending right now.Your color story should be in harmony with the nature of your trip.This is essentially creating a travel capsule.Do the same  with your accessories.



2-Pay attention to fabrication,try to pack as many wrinkle resistant fabrics as possible.Stay away from linens,silks and certain  wools they do not travel well.Stick to jersey,ponte and fabrics that drape well.Also put the clothes you pack on a diet,Look for the thinnest fabrics that provide the most warmth especially when it comes to fleece and outerwear.Lay out your outfit combinations and take pictures on your phone.For cold weather travel look for ultra lightweight thinsulate or down jackets and coats.Do not travel with a lined wool coat.

3-Pack your work horse pieces.Everything you choose should have at least an 80 % chance of being used.Denim jeans,black stretchy pants,jersey tops and little black dresses all fall in to this category.Also pack convertible pieces,these are pieces that can be worn more than one way.If you are not sure about what a convertible piece is watch this video.


4-Pack lots of accessories.Bling gives you major bang for your buck when you are traveling.It is small, but can completely transform a simple dress or top.make sure you pack at least 3 statement pieces.It is also important to make sure the pieces go with your color story.Do pack a couple of belts as well.Make sure you pack a mix of casual,sporty and dressy accessories that go together.Here is an example of a great accessory story.

5-Scarves are your secret weapon to traveling light and looking fabulous.They are incredibly light and fold into the smallest squares.they can be tucked into any spare corner you have.Make sure you have a solid one,a printed one and an embellished one.They can become belts,hats,shirts or tops in an instant.Here are a couple of cheat sheets that show you how.

6.I say this with much pain!Limit the number of shoes you pack,they weigh the most and take up the most space. Do not pack any uncomfortable shoes.Right now you should pack a heel in a  metallic shade,nude or black for evening,a comfortable all weather day shoe the and a light athletic waterproof sneaker for walking around or working out .You should wear your boots as they are the hardest to back but make sure they come on and off easily for security.So 3 pairs that is all that goes in your bag.Make sure you pack a  small clutch that goes with your heels for evening.Also pack a lightweight foldable backpack for day trips or the gym.Here is an example of a story.

B.How to pack.

1-Layout everything on your bed including the outfit you are going to travel in.Count you should have at least 3 tops for every bottom.make sure all the colors sit in harmony.The reason you put your travel outfit on the bed is to make sure it goes with the pieces you pack.

2.Pack using zip lock bags and roll your clothes,squeeze out any excess air.Delicate knits should be wrapped in tissue paper to prevent them from getting snagged.If you travel with a jacket turn it inside out and fold the shoulders in before you roll.(you cannot do this with men’s jackets).

3.Start with you shoes laying them toe to heel at the bottom of your bag.Stuff them with underwear,scarves and belts.Not only does this make efficient use of space,this helps the shoe keep its shape.

4.Resist any last minute urges to pack extras.Your clothing will expand as you wear it and the most important thing is you have to leave room to shop”.

C.What to wear.

1-Comfort and Style is your mantra.Poly/Spandex blends are the best to travel in.Make sure the fabric drapes well and does not cling.Do opt for an elastic waist and pockets are a plus.Keep your outfit monochromatic and in a dark color.

2. Always have a shawl/scarf with you airplanes are cold and this is a much more stylish way to stay warm rather than an airplane blanket.Plus you can do something fun with it when you get to your destination.

3.Sunglasses,a great handbag and a touch of fragrance is also a must.Do have lipstick and moisturizer handy to apply throughout the flight.

4.If you take off your shoes or your most outer layer make sure they are easy to put back on.

5.Put a small pillowcase in the pocket of your coat,Fold your coat and use it as a pillow during the flight.This will keep it clean and you will not have to stuff it in the overhead compartment.

D.When you get to your destination.

1.Unpack everything and hang what you can.If anything is wrinkled take it to the bathroom and hang it on your door while you shower.Most of the wrinkles should come out.Travel with a small bottle of Downy Wrinkle release,this helps if something gets really wrinkled.Also travel with shout pen or wipes.A portable steamer is also a must have.In a pinch your hotel hair dryer can help get wrinkles out.Spray a little water on the garment and blow on low.Have some Shout wipes or a pen to deal with stains.

2.Make sure you take out all the items from your shoes and lay out your accessories on a table(not the real stuff).

3.Plan your outfits for the next few days and hang them in order,review pictures of them on you phone so you do not forget the combinations you came up with.

Feeling and looking gorgeous when you travel is as easy as A,B,C and D

Love, Sunil

5 Things you must do this Fall !

Here are 5 simple things you can do to reflect this season most significant trends.

1.Rock some Red

Red is the number 1 color this season and is outselling black in certain items,if head to toe red is not your thing a great bag or shoe will do just fine.

2.Take a walk on the Wild side.

It is all about everything animal,be brave and rock an animal print coat or just be subtle and work a great print shoe

For more on this seasons must have prints go to

3.Put on some Boots

This season is all about boots,Western,Knee High or Patent it is the must have footwear of the season.


4.Make a Statement with a Bag

This season it is all about the statement bag,bold,colorful and lots of logos and bling.The bag is the new star of your outfit.

5.Wrap a Scarf

On your head,your neck or just about anywhere on your body it is all about the visual attention a great iconic scarf brings.

So with these 5 simple things you can up for Fashion game this Fall!

The Bags & Shoes you must have right Now!

Yes,it is that time again,for me to tell you all about the fabulous bags and shoes you should be rocking right now!

If you only can buy one bag and shoe this season make sure it is the red one.A great pop of red goes with everything and instantly elevates your outfit.

If you are a person who loves solids and tends to wear them all the time,adding an animal print bag or shoe will break up the monotony and give you some extra zing.Do this when wearing jeans or black pants and it will make them extra fabulous.

The must have boot this season is inspired by the American west.There are tamer versions for us city slickers but if you are a cowgirl at heart go all out with fringe,rhinestones and studs.

Drama and high impact is what this boot will bring to your wardrobe.The key to making it work is to wear it with a very feminine skirt or dress.

The Kitten Heel that was a huge trend this Spring has only gotten stronger for Fall and specially for Holiday.Not only are they so chic and ladylike they are also very comfortable.

Like I have always said fashion is about the yin and yang so as much as designers are having a love affair with kitten heels this season is also about the sky high pointy toe pump.This is a classic shoe and has been given the twist of texture and embellishment this season.

The cross body is great because it keeps your hands free,some of the must haves this season have embellished straps so they act as an additional focal point as they go across your body.Look for ones that have a removable strap that can do double duty as a clutch.

The Bucket Bag is all about casual chic,if you are a jeans and tshirt girl this is the bag for you.Look for durable leathers in vibrant fall colors or graphic logos both will give your outfit polish.

If you love carrying a lot of this is the perfect trend for you.This season it is all about a logoed graphic tote that can make a statement and be so practical at the same time.

The banded clutch gives you an extra element by not only making sure you are carrying your clutch correctly but also giving you the illusion of an extra cuff.This is a great bag for the holidays.

Must have Prints this Fall!

We are now firmly into Fall and it is time to rock some of this season’s must have Prints.Adding an on trend print is the quickest way to keep your wardrobe fresh and fabulous.I have spent many hours combing the stores in NYC,shopping online and pouring thru all those voluminous September issues to give you my top five.

With no hesitation I can say the number 1 spot goes to…

No surprise here because animal prints are not only year round but have been getting stronger season by season.Animal prints are available at every price point this season and they also come in every accessory imaginable.The focus is on the big cats with a very graphic quality to them and what is new is the textural element.So this season rock a sequined animal print.a plush velvet one or a shiny leather one.If cats are not your thing there is a plethora of real and imaginary animals to choose from like zebra,python,crocodile and my all time favourite dragon.If you buy just one print this season make sure it is a wild one.

The number 2 spot goes to…

Florals that usually dominate Spring and Summer are now just as important in the Fall.The seasons versions are usually on a darker ground and have a more painterly feel.Yes it is perfectly okay to wear head to toe florals in the dead of Winter.

In at number 3 comes a classic…

Some may argue that they are more of a texture as they are very often woven in to the fabric but this season they have an exuberance to them that gives them the feel of a print.They run the range from tasteful to loud but  all have a very posh undertone to them.Think of gentlemen dandies and prep school boys.

Number 4…

I have always said in fashion we love the interplay,so we go from posh to rustic.These prints are inspired by the American heartland.Think of sophisticated prairie chic.They have a very natural handmade feel to them and compliment this seasons  big bohemian trend.

Fifth place goes to…

This is one of the freshest trends we are seeing and is available from Ferragamo to Zara.It looks like your garment is made up of a bunch of beautiful scarves and the truth is if you have a bunch of stunning scarves you can recreate some of these pieces.

I had to mention this one for those of you who love florals but do not think they are suitable for the dead of winter…

We are seeing a slew of decorative prints taking their cues from opulent brocades,rich jacquards and and ornate damask.Inspired by upholstery fabrics these prints add a richness to you wardrobe and are a great way to wear print around the holidays.

So do add some print to your wardrobe this Fall as it is one of the most cost effective ways to update your wardrobe.Use a piece in a current print and surround it with some of your classics,you will be surprised as to how current it will look.


Must have colors for Fall 2018


Fall is arriving in the next couple of weeks and bringing with it a color palette that is a total sensory delight.I am not talking about the spectacular show that mother nature puts on but the one that you need to put on with your wardrobe this season.Color is the most effective way to update your look and also make you feel ready to take on the season.

I usually wait till all the stores have displayed their Fall arrivals,analyze the massive September issues and finally browse all the trendy websites before I come up with my list.Pantone does a great job with breaking down the colors shown the runway and I like to combine it with the reality of what people are actually gravitating towards.

The number 1 must have color this season is Red.I like to call it Power Red.There are two shades that are making a big impact a deeper more sophisticated pear red and a vibrant energising poppy red.All the major store windows in New York city are featuring red right now.It is an outgoing color that is all about individuality and standing out.With so many  brave women stepping forward to lead right now this is no surprise.It is also a strong color for accessories and one of the newest ways to wear it is to mix it with pink.


The number 2 color out there is Grey,with the tailoring and menswear trends being so strong women have borrowed this one from the boys and made it their own by giving it a very refined silver tint.Great chic color for head to toe dressing as it looks very ladylike and refined.Mix it with camel or orange for a more edgier look.


My third choice is Pink,normally a color associated with Spring pink is a must have this Fall.Fall’s pinks run the gambit from serene to vibrant and pairs so well with both grey and brown.A strong color for evening and surprisingly outer wear it is bound to delight the little girl in all of us and yes, it is perfectly okay to wear head to toe pink.


Chocolate Brown is big this Fall because it offers luxury without the calories.It is a warm sophisticated color that offers you a warmer alternative to black.With  faux fur being a major trend this Fall it perfectly lends itself to this color so does velvet and shearling two of the must have fabrics this season.


I give the number 5 spot to Winter White,so chic and expensive looking it breaks the fashion rule of wearing white after labor day.I love how great it looks when mixed with black and brown.White boots are a big trend this season.This is also a good color to transition you from Summer to Fall when mixed with denim.



Yellow which was a major must wear color this Spring continues to Fall moving from a sunny hue to a more spicy one.Pantone named Ceylon Yellow a must have color and originating from Ceylon I grew up surrounded by this color and am very partial to it.It signifies both warmth and optimism and mixes so well with grey and camel.Look for it in a great sweater or jacket.It is also a big color for activewear.



Bright Blue is a great accent color to add to your wardrobe this season in both sweaters and outerwear.It can brighten up a dreary Fall day and lift up your spirits.While yellow and orange are hard to wear for some of us this bright shade of blue is universally flattering.Pantone has a beautiful Nebulas Blue as part of the top color range.Mix it with grey and black for a more sophisticated urban feel or contrast it with pink or orange for that wow factor.



What is Fall without a fabulous Vibrant Orange in your wardrobe.A great pop color for outerwear it also pairs so well with black and brown.Do mix it with grey and pink this season for an unexpected twist.After all this season is about everything pumpkin.



It goes without saying that the biggest selling color for Fall is always Black, it is the color most people feel comfortable in but it does not need to be basic and boring.This season’s black is all about texture from matte to gloss from smooth to quilted and from flat to pile.Do wear head to toe black this season but mix and contrast the textures for a modern take.

So have fun with color this season and remember to wear the ones that delight your senses.

♥ Sunil