It is time for Scarves


Yes it is that time of year,got to get your scarf on!Here are the seasons 3 top trends



The Biggest Trend of the season and  also the most glamorous, this is the trend you must rock.Wear it close to the neck for day and around the shoulders for evening.Faux fur works best because it is more rain resistant and can be machine washed if it gets dirty.To be more daring go for an animal print version specially big cat prints as they are truly the height of fashion.



Warmth and Drama in one accessory how can you resist!Go for texture as it adds a whole new dimension to your outfit. Make sure you keep a long tail on one side.You will be surprised how much this will elongate your look.



What is old is new again,simple and chic this scarf can take the place of a necklace.The perfect way to add a splash of color and print to even the simplest outfit.If you do not like wearing it around your neck wrap it around your wrist or even your handbag.You can find vintage square silk scarves very inexpensively at estate sales or in thrift stores.


A great scarf adds instant attitude to your outfit

♥ Sunil

Bags you must rock this Fall!


Since my last two posts have been about shoes,I have to talk about their perfect companion the fabulous purse.There are 3 things you must remember when picking your perfect companion.

  1. Proportion is everything.Scale your bags to your stature and shape.Make sure the size and shape of your handbag compliments your frame,if you are petite stay way from oversize handbags,if you are tall stay away from cross bodies as they can hit you in the wrong spot.
  2. Make sure your handbag compliments your outfit,if your outfit is very dramatic keep your bag simple and the opposite works just as well.
  3. Your bag and your shoes need to play off each other,I am sure your grandmother always matched her bag and shoes,well that trend is back again.You can also have them play off each other a printed purse looks fantastic when paired with a nude shoe or take a printed shoe and pair it with a solid purse in a color that is found in the print.

Here are some of the must rock bags this fall.


Very ladylike, this is turning out to be the must have bag of the season mainly because of all the interesting shoulder and sleeve details we are seeing in fashion right now.They tend to be smaller in size and have structure to them,


Chain accents make this classic fresh this season.We are also seeing texture and color blocking updating this wardrobe staple.The great thing about this bag is that it is so versatile, use the long strap during the day with jeans,and carry it as a clutch by tucking the strap in for evening.


This is the perfect bag for those of you who love to carry around a lot of stuff.It is roomy and stylish at the same time.New this season are bucket bags for evening.


This classic that Hermes put on the map is back with a vengeance.This is a classic that you can hand down for future generations to use.Get one in black or brown and make it your default go to bag.


Clutches are not just for evening any more,this fall brings versions that go from day to night.Make sure you do not overstuff these bags as it is all about the long lean look.


Totally whimsical we can thank Prada for making this the splash of the season.Perfect for the minimalist or carry it with a larger tote.Sometimes a bag can just be an accessory and not necessarily a storage unit.


“Make sure you find your perfect companion this fall”
♥ Sunil

The shoes you must lust after this Fall!

Part two of the shoe report is here.These are not the must have shoes that you wear everyday, these are the shoes that dreams are made off.This footwear report is all about love and lust.Theses shoes are part work of art,part completely ridiculous but still just totally fabulous. Practical? who cares about practical,if Cinderella had worn practical shoes her prince would have never found her.

So go ahead this season indulge your self and treat your self to one of these flights of fantasy.the-tall-boot

Really hard to get on and off these shoes are all about the statement they make.If you wear them with a skirt make sure the top disappears,pants should be tucked in.They look best with more fitted garments.This shoe is a staple for both Beyonce and Rihanna.


Rich,luxurious and totally impractical velvet shoes are often worn by princesses in fairytales.Make sure you spray them with a protector or else stains will be really hard to get out.The colors these shoes come in are breathtaking and wearing these are going to make you feel like royalty.This is the perfect shoe for the holidays.


Totally decadent this shoe is all about Eve’s revenge on the serpent.Talk about turning heads when you walk in to a room this shoe is the ultimate stays symbol.One made from real python can set you back several hundred dollars but there are affordable versions made in faux snakeskin that look pretty darn good.


Inspired my all things victorian like corsets,rows of buttons and bows.These shoes look like you need a ladies maid to help you put them on.So imagine you are Lady Mary hosting a ball at Downton Abbey as you sport these are your upcoming holiday soiree.


We are having a love affair with”Dancing with the stars”right now.This is leading to street shoes that are inspired by dance shoes.Care to waltz,cha cha or rumba then these are the shoes for you.So just pretend you are Cinderella and dance the night away in these shoes.


Life is short,get the shoes.
♥ Sunil


Shoes you must have this Fall!

I know you have been waiting for this post for awhile but this one took a lot of research and a lot of hard work to narrow it down to the five must have shoes of the season.This fall has such an abundance of shoes and I must say the shoe designers have outdone themselves once again.These are the trends that standout and are versatile enough to make the “Must Have”list.


Booties are a big part of your fall shoe vocabulary and this season they have been given a bohemian twist.Look for ones in suede or leather that have handmade details like fringe,embroidery or perforation.With the 70’s vibe continuing to be so strong,do channel you inner Stevie Knicks to be inspired on how to work these boots.Here are some trendsetters sporting them at fashion week.screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-3-39-42-pm




Love this trend finally something both practical and fashionable at the same time.I would say temper the tomboy by pairing them with a delicate dress or skirt.To avoid them being too clunky pair them with leggings or tights for a long lean look.This is great for a girl on the go.I love how these ladies chose to rock them.




This classic style is making a big comeback this season.It has been completely reinvented and modernized.It looks amazing with slim pants or a short skirt.I also love it when worn with a cropped jean.If you are really adventurous sport it with some fun socks for a straight off the runway look.



Fall’s answer to the ballet flat women have finally discovered the comfort and versatility of this shoe.Men have been rocking loafers for ages and now it is finally your turn.Look for shoes that have a feminine spin to them and always pair them with a girly bag.They look really amazing with all the great coats we are seeing this season and do mix them with textured tights as the weather gets cooler.


This season with Disco being such a big influence we are in love with all things bright and shiny.This trend is not limited to evening and looks great when wearing an all black or grey look.Gold and Bronze dominate this trend but there is some Silver as well.

Remember a great shoe can elevate your outfit


Three Fun Fashion Things to try right now


Feeling like you have the Fashion Blues,need a lift?If you feel you are in a fashion rut here are 3 things you can do to get your spirits up.

Try some unexpected color combinations

This fall is all about trying the unexpected.Mix grey with cream,yellow with grey,pink and grey.Grey is currently trending to be the new black.



Wear Fall Stripes

Traditional reserved for Spring and Summer this Fall is all about these unexpected stripes.Give them a try this season.


Bring out your inner Disco Diva

This seasons fashion muse is the disco diva.I know you have one in you waiting to come out ,so put on some Donna Summer,Gloria Gaynor or the Bee Gees and pull together some fun outfits.Do not forget the 1970’s accessories.


Remember in Fashion what is old is new again
♥ Sunil