Time to tap in to some Flower Power!

It is crystal clear right now,the number 1 trend for Spring/Summer 2017 are florals.Magazines,TV commercials and Stores are full of amazing floral print for Women,Men and Children.InStyle did a multiple feature on florals,Old Navy’s new TV commercial is full of floral prints and most magazines featured them on their April coversFlorals are the end all and be all this season.They are on clothes,bags,shoes and even hats.
If you only buy one thing this season make sure it is a floral.We love florals because they are pretty,romantic and so uplifting.It is even okay this season to wear head to toe flowers and even mix them.

They were a huge trend on the runway,So here are some tips on how to rock them the real way.

This was the Number 1 trend during the Spring 2017 Runway shows and it has translated really well to retail.Most people look great in a medium scale floral on a dark background.Save the lighter ground florals for later in the season when you are more tanned.The good news is that we are seeing a lot of dresses out there with sleeves.A new trend we are seeing which is great for all you pant loving girls are floral jumpsuits that look like dresses,so now you can have your cake and eat it.The comfort of pants with the look of dress magic.Do not shy away from florals if you are a curvy girl.It is a myth that florals make you look bigger. Placed florals are extremely flattering and can be used to showcase your figure.Always go with a solid shoe when wearing a floral dress.
The great thing is even if you do not love florals you can get that feel and lift by pairing a simple solid dress with a floral bag,shoe and scarf.So even if florals are not your thing get in to spring’s main mood and rock it with your classic little black dress or you little navy dress.

So mix it or match it but fall in love with the power of a great floral.