Time for Dresses!

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Yes, we can finally taste the sweetness of Summer. It is unofficially here and giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Some things she brings are amazing: late sunsets, hanging out on the deck or porch, and a bounty of fabulous fruit and flowers. She also brings heat and humidity which makes you want to lose all those layers you have been wearing. One thing you should never ever shed is your sense of style.

The answer to looking fresh and chic all summer is to invest in a great dress. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. It is so versatile, you can dress it up or down, so going from the beach to dinner is as simple as switching out your sandals to pumps and adding a great necklace. Nobody likes going home to change in the summer, so just throw some accessories into your beach bag, and when the time comes, “Presto!” you go from day to night.

2. It is really quick to put on. You can get all the kids dressed, ready, and into the car, and give yourself just 30 seconds to get ready and actually look like you spent time on your look. They are really easy to get into, even when space is tight, so enable you to be a quick-change artist.

3. It serves as a great cover-up for your bathing suit, and is so easy to get out of at the pool or beach. The great thing is, you can take it off while keeping your shoes on.

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4. Dresses can keep you cool, they allow air to circulate and move with the breeze. They are relaxed and have a certain amount of ease to them. All of this enables you to not look like a “hot mess” even though you may sometimes feel like one.

5. Finally: they are so universally figure-flattering. There are dresses out there that flatter every body type. Here is what you need to look for:

Hourglass – Your goal is to highlight your curves – Do not hide them. Look for dresses that emphasize your waist. Fabric is very important – Soft fabrics that drape well are your best bet. When wearing a woven dress, make sure you add a belt. The best dresses for you are fitted sheath dresses and wrap dresses.

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Apple – The key is to minimize your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs. Long is never an option for you; stay at the knee or slightly below. The good news is that there are dresses out there that have built-in shaping that can totally enhance your figure. Check out this one. Shift dresses and fit-and-flare dresses that create a waist are what you need to rock.


Pencil – Create curves by highlighting your bust and hips. Fuller-bottom dresses are your best option. Softer fabrics like chiffon and Georgette will create soft volume on top and the bottom for balance. Flutter sleeve dresses are the best trends for you right now.

Pear – Your goal is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half. Off-the-shoulder dresses with fluid bottoms work best for you. A trend out there that you should check out is color-blocked dresses – Opt for ones that are light on the top and dark on the bottom. Seaming can enhance your figure as well – especially princess seams. Here is one with details that will flatter you.



Strawberry – An open neckline and nipped waist are what make a dress perfect for you. Keep detailing on top to a minimum. Hip details like peplums and draping will help balance out your figure. Choose fabrics with movement. Peplum dresses should be your “go to” this summer.

If you are not sure about your body type, here is a quick cheat sheet.

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So this Summer, “Always dress well, but keep it simple.”

Follow this advice and you will never be a hot mess.

♥, Sunil