The Top 5 Prints for this Fall!

Yes,it is finally here the first day of Fall 2017.Time to start planing your outfits and rotating your closet.The first step in pulling your wardrobe together is to bring the right colors to the front.If you are not sure what the right colors are check out this link.

The next step is making sure you have the right prints.Prints can freshen up your wardrobe and be a great way to make your look sizzle.Find the seasons prints and mix them up with all the current solid colors and you have a foolproof wardrobe.If you are not a print person add a touch to your wardrobe in the form of a scarf,a bag or a shoe.

Florals are now a fall staple.Most people love wearing them in the summer and cannot seem to give them up come fall.The difference is that fall florals tend to be more moody often on a dark ground.So do continue to wear flowers well in to winter but make sure they are the right kind.

Animal prints are now a fall staple and they never ever go away.This season is all the about the rich,luxurious big cat.Leopard leads the way followed by Cheetah,Tiger and Jaguar.The prints are more lush this season embellishing nature to be noticed.This trend is not for the faint at heart.If you are not a big fan of animal opt for a shoe,this season has a crop of leopard print shoes at every price point.

Plaids and fall go hand in hand but this seasons plaids come more from across the pond and have a poshness to them.They are more pumped up and playful in scale or tend to come from traditional british menswear but very feminine at the same time.

I love this trend it is colorful and happy.Inspired by the American heartland where a scrap of fabric was not wasted but instead used to create beautiful coats and quilts.It so reminds me of Dolly Parton and her coat of many colors.

Of course each season has a print that brings whimsy…

The humble polka dot has been given a make over this season by playing with scale and making it more lavish.So if you are feeling playful this season this is a must add to your closet.

“Have fun with prints this season”

♥ Sunil