The 3 Prints you must wear this Spring!

Today Paris debuted the Spring 17 couture collections and this really crystalizes what is going to be big this season.

The number one print story is flowers.Florals are the end all and be all this season.They are on clothes,bags,shoes and even hats.

If you only buy one print this season make sure it is a floral.We love florals because they are pretty,romantic and so uplifting.It is even okay this season to wear head to toe flowers and even mix them.

Stripes are also a big story this season from orderly banker’s stripes to wild painter’s stripes.The big news in stripes is how they move in all directions and look great in so many different widths.Do not be afraid of horizontal stripes the right one can actually be sliming and accentuate the right curves.


Oh yes! Animal prints are a big thing this Spring.It total makes sense because animals do wear them all year round so why not humans?The colors tend to be lighter more inspired by new born animals and animals that only exist in our imagination.