Style advice from a Christmas Tree!

This closes to Christmas the last thing you need is style advice as you are being pulled in a million different directions.The good news is just look to your Christmas Tree for inspiration.

1.Shine Bright-Emit you inner light,you are created by a wonderful God who made you perfect just let that light out.Look at how your Christmas tree shines.

2.Be a Star-Every Christmas tree is topped by a Star,channel that power and find your inner star and just unleash her on everyone.

3.Stand Tall-Be Proud just like you family tree with all it’s wonderful momentos,  you too are full of great memories,distinction and achievements.


4.Deck yourself-Do not be afraid of ornamentation,whatever your age,shape or size.Holidays are about bling so bring it on.

5.Surround yourself with friends and family-No tree just has a single ornament so it all about groupings and variety,so just immerse yourself in a sea of love.

So let me take this opportunity to wish you a