Say Bye-Bye to Belt Phobia!



There is no doubt about it,belts make a lot of us self-conscious about our mid sections and can be uncomfortable,especially when sitting down.This makes us shy away from wearing belts and only think of them to hold our pants up.

However,picking the right belt for your body type and wearing it the right way adds instant polish to your outfit,defines your waist and can make you look 10 pounds lighter.

The Best Belts for your body shape are the ones that enhance and flatter them.It is also important to wear the belt at the right position on your body.

  • HOURGLASS-your body is built for belts and you should be wearing them almost all the time.They should always be worn at the middle of your waist and the smallest point and dark colors flatter you best.
  • PENCIL-avoid anything too wide,wear it at your true waistband create a soft blouson effect by pulling at the fabric on top.This gives he effect of soft curves that is very flattering.
  • PEAR-mid width belts are the best;avoid anything skinny or very wide.Stay in the same color family as your outfit and wear it slightly lower on your waist.
  • STRAWBERRY-mid width to narrower belts work best for you.Make sure to wear it lower lower on your waist or at the top of your hip.Wear a light color belt with a darker dress or top and create fullness below the belt.
  • APPLE-this is the hardest body shape for belts.Soft knit belts or chord belts simply tied to the side create the illusion of a waist with out emphasizing it.Never wear a belt across your mid section and stay with colors that match your outfit.

Here is a quick reference chart if you are not sure what your body type is.


Rebalance your body with a belt.Really!

Belts can totally help because they fool the eye:If you are petite or short waisted wear a belt that matches your top or dress and position it slightly lower on your waist you will be surprised how much taller this will make you look.If you are long waisted with shorter legs a contrasting skinny belt work slightly higher can make your legs look longer.

For Max Fabulousness-Belt your outer most layer like your cardigan or jacket.The under layer will give you support and lessens the impact of the belt on your body.Go for comfort with belts that are in fabric,soft suede,knit or include elastic stay way from bulky buckles and studs that can dig in to your body.

Do not over accessorize when wearing a belt it is the centerpiece of your outfit and is best when left alone.Avoid long necklaces that touch it and if you belt has metal hardware make sure it is in the same family as the rest of the accessories you add.It is no longer the rule that your belt has to match your bag or shoes but keeping them in the same family creates a harmonious,polished look.

So by following these simple rules you too can rock a belt with any outfit and get all the benefits of a boost a belt brings.

♥ Sunil