Quick Style Tips for New Year’s Eve

If you have been busy with Christmas and not been paying attention to New Year’s Eve which just suddenly arrived do not fret.Here are some quick last minute ideas to up your style game from some of the leading fashion glossies.

Go to you closet and find the most fabulous all black outfit you own and add some of these touches.

The focus is on the eyes and it is all about shine and sparkle.Go for a metallic shadow or add a few rhinestones.

These dazzlers instanly update even the most basic out,the bigger the better.

It is amazing how a simple hair accessory can add serious wattage and turn you into a red carpet star.

The more dramatic update to lipstick is the lipstain it is more vibrant and does not come off when you land smooches on all the cute boys around you.

The demure kitten heel adds a sexy wearable vibe to any outfit,plus you can dance the night away.


Happy New Year
♥ Sunil