Prints you must wear this Fall!

This Fall is bringing us a plethora of amazing prints.Traditionally it is the Spring/Summer season that brings us a ton of print options to chose from but this fall is exceptional in what is offered.Since there are so many options out there this will help you focus when shopping.

Here are the top trends that the magazines are all a buzz about.

1.Tartans and Plaids-A staple of the fall season this time they are anything but boring,multi colored,ombre and rescaled they are like nothing you are used to.Think of them as being fantastical and magical.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.31.32 AM

2.Fall Florals-Not just for Summer any more,florals are an integral part of a Fall Wardrobe.This season they are inspired by Asia and come in both dark and colored grounds.So fabulously feminine and fashionable.


3.Animal PrintYou have got to have your animal print every Fall it is almost like the new black.This seasons inspirations are the big cats.Think Leopards,Cheetahs and Jaguars but trust me these are nothing like you have seen in nature.

Prints CAT

4.Scarf Prints-A new trend this Fall with Louis Vuitton leading the way these prints, inspired by classic scarf patterns they bring a new freshness to the season.Prints

Even if you are not a print person do give them a try this Fall.The good thing is these prints are not only on clothing but on accessories as well.So if you just feel like a touch add a printed scarf,bag or shoe to your solid outfit.


Prints are fun,so do have fun with fashion
♥ Sunil