Must Haves for Spring!

Every season we do see great pieces that are a must add to your wardrobe.What these pieces do is keep you current and fresh as well as let people know that you pay attention to fashion.

Fashion is often a reflection of what is happening in society and this season’s must haves reflect on the state of women in more ways than ever before.Throughout history by looking at the way people dress we are able to see so much of what was going on around them and Spring 18 is no exception.

Yes the message tee is all about women’s empowerment,acceptance and positivity.What better way to say what is on your mind that wearing it right across your chest.Find a message that resonates with you and wear it loud and proud.

The Trenchcoat has been a powerful staple of a man’s wardrobe for years think Winston Churchill and Sherlock Holmes.Women have now made if theirs and given it a glorious feminine twist.The message is clear we can take what has traditionally been part of a man’s world make it ours and oh yes! make it better.

The same can be said of the shirtdress taking a traditional men’s garment and giving it a whole new twist.This ia a simple classy and powerful statement.

Dark Denim traditionally the fabric of very masculine professions like cowboys and miners has become a staple of a women’s wardrobe.This fabric lends itself to pieces that are strong and practical and fits in with the way women are feeling right now.

Activewear is not just for the gym anymore but is now an essential part of a women’s wardrobe from day to night.Women are far from the weaker sex anymore and the message is we are active and we like luxury as well.

I love this trend because istrong ruffles celebrate the strength of femininity,a woman can say yes I am strong in my ruffles and lace.Do not get fooled for a minute that there is anything delicate about me,I just like sweet things.Ruffles are now a sign of strength not weakness.

So do add some positive power to your wardrobe this Spring.

♥ Sunil