Must have colors for Fall 2018


Fall is arriving in the next couple of weeks and bringing with it a color palette that is a total sensory delight.I am not talking about the spectacular show that mother nature puts on but the one that you need to put on with your wardrobe this season.Color is the most effective way to update your look and also make you feel ready to take on the season.

I usually wait till all the stores have displayed their Fall arrivals,analyze the massive September issues and finally browse all the trendy websites before I come up with my list.Pantone does a great job with breaking down the colors shown the runway and I like to combine it with the reality of what people are actually gravitating towards.

The number 1 must have color this season is Red.I like to call it Power Red.There are two shades that are making a big impact a deeper more sophisticated pear red and a vibrant energising poppy red.All the major store windows in New York city are featuring red right now.It is an outgoing color that is all about individuality and standing out.With so many  brave women stepping forward to lead right now this is no surprise.It is also a strong color for accessories and one of the newest ways to wear it is to mix it with pink.


The number 2 color out there is Grey,with the tailoring and menswear trends being so strong women have borrowed this one from the boys and made it their own by giving it a very refined silver tint.Great chic color for head to toe dressing as it looks very ladylike and refined.Mix it with camel or orange for a more edgier look.


My third choice is Pink,normally a color associated with Spring pink is a must have this Fall.Fall’s pinks run the gambit from serene to vibrant and pairs so well with both grey and brown.A strong color for evening and surprisingly outer wear it is bound to delight the little girl in all of us and yes, it is perfectly okay to wear head to toe pink.


Chocolate Brown is big this Fall because it offers luxury without the calories.It is a warm sophisticated color that offers you a warmer alternative to black.With  faux fur being a major trend this Fall it perfectly lends itself to this color so does velvet and shearling two of the must have fabrics this season.


I give the number 5 spot to Winter White,so chic and expensive looking it breaks the fashion rule of wearing white after labor day.I love how great it looks when mixed with black and brown.White boots are a big trend this season.This is also a good color to transition you from Summer to Fall when mixed with denim.



Yellow which was a major must wear color this Spring continues to Fall moving from a sunny hue to a more spicy one.Pantone named Ceylon Yellow a must have color and originating from Ceylon I grew up surrounded by this color and am very partial to it.It signifies both warmth and optimism and mixes so well with grey and camel.Look for it in a great sweater or jacket.It is also a big color for activewear.



Bright Blue is a great accent color to add to your wardrobe this season in both sweaters and outerwear.It can brighten up a dreary Fall day and lift up your spirits.While yellow and orange are hard to wear for some of us this bright shade of blue is universally flattering.Pantone has a beautiful Nebulas Blue as part of the top color range.Mix it with grey and black for a more sophisticated urban feel or contrast it with pink or orange for that wow factor.



What is Fall without a fabulous Vibrant Orange in your wardrobe.A great pop color for outerwear it also pairs so well with black and brown.Do mix it with grey and pink this season for an unexpected twist.After all this season is about everything pumpkin.



It goes without saying that the biggest selling color for Fall is always Black, it is the color most people feel comfortable in but it does not need to be basic and boring.This season’s black is all about texture from matte to gloss from smooth to quilted and from flat to pile.Do wear head to toe black this season but mix and contrast the textures for a modern take.

So have fun with color this season and remember to wear the ones that delight your senses.

♥ Sunil