Must have Colors for Fall 2017!


Color is the easiest and most cost efficient way to update you wardrobe for any season.By wearing colors that are current you stay on trend and create a fresh look for the season.

With Fall just around the corner what colors should you be looking at to add to your repertoire.

Black is the number 1 color this fall once again,no surprise here but most of us have tons of black anyway so why go out and buy more?Well I  always say you can never have enough black, but it is good to shake it up once in a while.

The must have color of the season is Power Red,4 of the top 5 fashion magazines recommended it as Fall’s must have color.It is bold and powerful.I love it because not only does it make a statement it also inspires confidence.If head to toe red is not your thing make sure you incorporate a red bag or shoe in to your wardrobe rotation.


Shades of Grey are creating a fresh perspective for Fall.This is a great transition in to the more darker shades and perfect to wear now.Grey is also establishing a strong presence in evening wear as soft silvery tones offer an alternative to the black standard.


All you Chocolate lovers have reason to rejoice you have great calorie free versions to indulge in this Fall.Shades of Cocoa are making a big comeback.Do opt for head to toe dark chocolate or mix it with winter white,cream,camel and tan for sophisticated tonal dressing.

Nothing goes better with Dark Chocolate that delicious red wine.Fall is about all the divine wine tones,Do add shades of Merlot,Bordeaux,Cabernet or Port to your wardrobe for a swish of contemporary style.This is the perfect alternative to black in terms of shoes and bags if you are looking to update.

One of my personal favorites this season is the slew of pale pinks I am seeing.They are fresh and go so well with both grey and brown.Think of it as the new nude.There are more pale pink bags and shoes in the stores this season than I have ever seen.

A new color that emerged in to prominence at the 2017 Emmy awards red carpet is a metallic liquid silver.This will become the must have color for the holiday season.We saw this on the runway but there was a lot of debate if it will be adapted by the consumer who is having a love affair with gold.Judging my last nights red carpet it looks like silver is a must have color as well.


“So have some fun this season by adding some great colors to your wardrobe.”

♥ Sunil