It is time for Scarves


Yes it is that time of year,got to get your scarf on!Here are the seasons 3 top trends



The Biggest Trend of the season and  also the most glamorous, this is the trend you must rock.Wear it close to the neck for day and around the shoulders for evening.Faux fur works best because it is more rain resistant and can be machine washed if it gets dirty.To be more daring go for an animal print version specially big cat prints as they are truly the height of fashion.



Warmth and Drama in one accessory how can you resist!Go for texture as it adds a whole new dimension to your outfit. Make sure you keep a long tail on one side.You will be surprised how much this will elongate your look.



What is old is new again,simple and chic this scarf can take the place of a necklace.The perfect way to add a splash of color and print to even the simplest outfit.If you do not like wearing it around your neck wrap it around your wrist or even your handbag.You can find vintage square silk scarves very inexpensively at estate sales or in thrift stores.


A great scarf adds instant attitude to your outfit

♥ Sunil