Introducing Storyline Collection

I am back! After a long 5 year hiatus my designs are available once again.I have always been a fan of beautiful classy pieces that a woman can wear over and over again and stand the test of time.I am proud to introduce my debut Holiday/Travel capsule with Storyline Collection a company started by my dear friend Amy Lamphere.This has been in the works for about 18 months and finally launches next month.

Here is the website Do check it out and sign up for some fun updates and style tips.

Here is what the collection is all about.

Design Philosophy

We are all about bringing you those essential pieces, the foundation of your wardrobe that you wear day in and day out, seven days a week.

Research shows that most women wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. We are all about creating those items and showing you how to wear them. Flattering Fit, Gratifying Comfort and Adaptable Versatility are the cornerstones of our collection.

We believe that every woman is a perfect masterpiece and we create the frame to showcase her. We want you to enjoy the fabrics, the cuts and details as they are all their to delight you. Fashion is about fun; your clothing should never be a source of stress but a source of great joy.

Why did we call it Storyline Collection?

At Storyline we are all about telling you stories, we as humans are always fascinated by compelling stories and love listening and telling them. We sometimes tend to forget that our clothing speaks volumes long before we ever open our mouth.

Just look at our history and some of the most famous women of all time and the wonderful tales they spun with their outfits, accessories, hair and makeup. Both Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette told stories of extravagance, luxury and being so out of touch. Where as Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth told tales of power, strength and austerity. In modern times we have many famous women that mesmerize us with the tales they spin from their wardrobes, We see stories of grace, competence, rebellion and seduction I have to say I am completely fascinated by Meghan Markle and the stories she is telling right now.

Have you stopped to think about the story you are telling? Are you aware of all that you are communicating? Fashion is a powerful tool and many of us are really not versed in it.

At Storyline Collection our aim is to give you the vocabulary to tell your own unique and compelling story.Share with me what fabulous fashion fable you want to spin, but remember the best stories are the ones that are authentic to you.

A good story needs a great editor and our desire is to provide that editor for you. Our fabulous editors have years of fashion savvy and experience dealing with real women.We are starting out with 10 great editors who will help you find the right vocabulary to tell your story.

Our first collection focuses on Holiday with 5 easy pieces that help you find some comfortable and stylish outfits to perfect fit any occasion.Works really well if you are traveling as they can come right out of your bag be given a quick shake and co right on your body.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore this journey together.

Love Sunil