Go from Drab to Fab in 60 Seconds


This time of year we all encounter “situations” demanding that we look fab at the last minute.You know the drill: a sudden phone call “can you join us in the boardroom now”.One of your BFF’s call “Can you join me at this new hot restaurant right now,one of our party did not show”…or the man of you dreams just appeared and you want to get his attention.

The clock is ticking fast.Luckily there are 5 things you can do really fast to that your look from the ordinary to the extra ordinary.If you practice it can be done in 60 seconds.

1.ADD A PIECE OF CLOTHING,have a statement jacket or cardigan in a fantastic color on the back of your chair or behind your door.Put it on,This adds instant sophistication to your outfit.make sure it is crisp and clean.

2.POP ON A STATEMENT ACCESSORY,keep a great necklace,a bright silk scarf or some wow earrings in your purse or desk drawer.Add the one that works best with your outfit and it will instantly take it up a couple of notches.Make sure you just add one.

3.SWITCH OUT YOUR SHOES,you will not believe the impact you can create by switching from flats to heels.Your posture and stride instantly makes you taller and more fabulous.Keep a great nude or red pair under your desk and go with the highest heel you are comfortable with.

4.ADD A TOUCH OF COLOR TO YOUR FACE,keep a great lipstick,a colored blush or a perky eye shadow handy.Use only one of them to instantly give your face a lift.This is specially important this time of year as we can appear a little tired or washed out.

5.SPLASH ON SOME FRAGRANCE,just a touch will make you feel like a new woman make sure it is light and fresh.

It is easy to add some dash to your appearance in a flash.Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.