Are you ready for Valentine’s day?

If you are still not sure what you are wearing next Wednesday now is the time to start planning.Here are some suggestions that are quick and easy.The most important thing is to dress for yourself  and not for somebody else.At the same time do take some time to plan your and makeup for that special evening.

If you are totally yourself you are comfortable and confident and nothing is more alluring.Remember that the person who is in love with you fell for your beauty and your charm because you are truly unique.Do get in the spirit of the day and rock one of these top 5 trends for Valentine’s Day.

If you are not a head to toe red person,mix it with black,pink or denim.Also think about a red shoe or handbag just to get in the spirit of the day.Here are some of the top trends right now in NYC.

Nothing says flirty like a ruffle and there are so many great options to choose from this Spring.

Lace is such a romantic fabric and has a historic association with love,go for classic black or a pretty pastel.

Every women feels amazing in a Little Black Dress and we all have one hanging in out closet,pair it with red accessories to give it that extra oomph.

Here is a cheat sheet to find the best dress that flatters your body shape in red or black.

Several designers including Valentino,Burberry and Topshop have come out with modern chic heart prints in time for Valentine’s day so be whimsical and literally wear you heart on you sleeve or your feet.

So whatever you chose to wear remember to celebrate ♥