All you need to know about Denim…


August is usually the month when all fashion magazines focus on denim.It is the number one seller for back to school with distressed denim being the big trend right now.I have been designing denim for all most 25 years and here are the most frequent questions I get.I have answered the questions briefly so you get the essence and do not have to spend hours reading all the August issues.

Here is how to Jeans that flatter your body and give you the look you need!

My Workplace now allows me to wear Jeans to work. What are the rules to follow?

  •  Go for a Dark Wash with Minimal Decoration
  • Dress up with Dressy Tops, Sweaters & Jackets
  • Add Elegant Accessories
  • Keep it Smart with a Casual Vibe
  • Pick the Right Shoes

With so many different types of denim, what should I look for in a Pair of Jeans that will be Versatile?
  • Stretch – Comfort & Fit
  • Poly Cotton Blend – Easy Care
  • Great Hand with a Clean Wash
  • Mid Weight (8 ozs to 10 ozs) – Great all Year round weight
I have heard so much about having the Right Fitting Jeans in order for them to be Flattering. What should I be looking for when I try a pair on?
  • Contoured Waistband
  • Waist – Not too Tight
  • Rise – 1 to 3 inches below your Belly Button
  • No Whiskers in Front
  • Fitted through the Thigh and Knee
  • Flared or Straight depending on your Body Shape
  • Check out you Rear View
What is the Correct Length for my Jeans?
  • Front – Slight Break not too much fabric
  • Flats in the back -Touch the Floor
  • Heels in the back -1/4 inch off the Floor
  • Better to have separate pairs to wear with heels and flats,but an H on the label for the ones that are hemmed for heels
In order to get the Best Fit from my Jeans what should I wear under them?

Magic begins with the Right Foundation,make sure your underwear is:

  • Not creating any Visible Panty Lines
  • Not too Tight
  •  Has a Lower Rise than your Jeans
  • Nude in color is best specially under white jeans
  • Tummy and Thigh control if your jeans are supper skinny
What Leg Shapes work for different Body Types?
  • Pear Body Shapes: Bootleg
  • Apple Body Shapes: Straight Legs that is cropped with a higher waist
  • Strawberry Body shape:Wide leg
  • Hourglass Body shape:All leg shapes work but avoid boyfriend jeans
  • Pencil Body shape:longer length straight or flared legs

So these are the top five issues that come up in most minds when they shop for denim.