A well dressed man

I usually do not talk about Men’s fashion because I usually find it quite boring.However in the context of them being the perfect accessory to finish your fabulous summer look I do have a lot to say.My observation is that something very strange happens to men in the summer,they completely loose interest in fashion and are quite content wearing an old tee shirt and a pair of shorts they have owned since the beginning of time.I very often find myself in that group and have to struggle to pull myself together.I do have to say that one of the things that bugs me is when I am at an event and in walks in a ¬†beautifully dressed women.On her arm is a man who by not paying attention to his outfit is somehow bringing her whole look down.So take control ladies and make sure he is your perfect arm candy this summer season.

It can be said that behind every well dressed man is a stylish woman.A recent survey suggests that men are responsible for purchasing only 30% of the items in his closet,the woman in his life buys 51% and the balance is made up of gifts from family and friends.Apparently women spend an average of two hours per month, 24 hours each year or 40 days in a lifetime shopping for clothes for their husbands and boyfriends.

So here is what you should be looking for this season.

The best selling color so far this season mostly in shirts,baby blue is flattering to most skin tones.Some new trends we are seeing are interesting buttons,collars and pocket details.This color looks great when paired with white and khaki.

I love this trend it has pink is such a soothing color and brings a is such a play on ¬†traditional gender norms specially when designer Thom Browne chose to dress twin brothers head to toe in this color.It adds a freshness to khaki,white and denim bottoms.It is also a great color to pair with a classic navy suit or pants.Expect some resistance from your significant other but I believe in the saying “real men wear pink”.Look for tee shirts and henrys in this color.

This is the seasons pop color and looks fantastic as a polo or a button down shirt.Stronger yellows look great with a tan,lighter yellows look great with khakis and denim jeans.

Stripes for men have gotten a major make over this season.They are colorful and dynamic and are being used in every direction.This is a strong trend for women as well so if you are both wearing stripes make sure they complement each other.

Camouflage is usually reserved for fall but we are seeing new summer versions that are based more on leaves and flowers.This looks great when paired with tailored cargo shorts or black jeans.

GQ just predicted that floral shirts are going to be one of the hottest trends for summer.We are seeing them on pants and shorts as well.Only the very daring can wear head to toe floral but they look fantastic paired with jeans or khakis.Do pick out a floral print bathing suit for him.

I use the word suit very loosely here,the look is playful,relaxed and very comfortable.The pants are either rolled up or slightly cropped showing the ankle.They are paired with a loafer or a sneaker and can even be worn with a teeshirt.The jackets are mostly unstructured.The vibe is very much about being dressed up and down at the same time.This is the perfect way to wear a suit for an outdoor event in the summer.

So when it is time for you to get dressed up and here are the biggest trends for you.http://sunilr.com/blog/it-is-time-to-dress-up/

“Make sure the man on your arm is dressed up too”

‚ô• Sunil